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Bumble Boost: What Is It, and How to Use It Properly?

Using Bumble Boost to get more matches

Bumble may be one of the most popular dating apps in the US, with over 12 million active users each month. But you may start to wonder why some users are more successful than others. Is it their stellar profile? Their irresistible good looks? Maybe they're just more active? Or could it be possible that they're using one of the features that will give you a huge leg up in the Bumble game? Yep, we're talking about Bumble Boost.

In theory, you don't want to be "that guy"--the one who's willing to give money to a dating app just to improve his matches. But in reality, Bumble runs on a very specific algorithm that will always favor users who bring in revenue to the app. Naturally, using Bumble boost is one of those ways in which users can bring money to the app. So those who boost their profiles will get lots of perks.

So what is Bumble Boost? How does it cost? And will it really bring you more matches even if your profile is mediocre? Here are all the details:

What Is Bumble Boost?

You've probably already heard of Tinder boost: the handy little feature that brings you to the top of your potential matches' swiping queue for 30 minutes. Bumble Boost is a little like that, but much, much better. Unlike Tinder, Bumble Boost is a package, not a single feature that gives you 30 minutes in the limelight. This package allows you to do several things for a limited time, including:

You can extend your expired matches by another 24 hours

Women text first on Bumble, and all Bumble matches expire after 24 hours either if she doesn't text you first or if you forget to reply back to her initial text. With Bumble boost, you can give her another day to text you or you can rematch with any expired match that you might've missed out on.

If you've ever gotten FOMO when you wait for one of your matches to send you a message, Bumble Boost is incredibly useful. After all, not everyone has the time to check their dating app every single day. So this 24-hour extension might just be all she'll need to come up with something to say to you.

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You get unlimited swipes

Enjoying unlimited swipes on Bumble

Here's the thing: Bumble doesn't actually state how many swipes you get per day. But if the Bumble algorithm notices that you've been swiping right way too often and way too fast, the app will limit your swipes for 24 hours. That sucks if you just happen to have fast hand-eye coordination and everyone in your queue is hot.

With Bumble Boost, you can bypass this since the app won't limit your swipes at all. You can swipe as much and as often as you like on anyone, as long as there are still people to swipe on in your queue.

Bumble Boost puts you in the spotlight

This is essentially like Tinder Spotlight. For 30 minutes, you can advance yourself to the top of your local queue and get seen instantly and before anyone else - unless they're paid users too. Bumble Boost also gives you the option of getting two spotlights that last for 150 minutes. You can use these features once a week during your subscription to Bumble Boost.

You can undo any accidental left swipes

One of the most annoying things about swiping dating apps is that sometimes, your thumb slips and you end up swiping left on someone you actually like. Or maybe you were kind of on the fence about someone, but you swipe left before you realize that you might actually be attracted to her. Either way, with Bumble Boost, you can undo any mistakes your butterfingers make.

New course

You can rematch

If you're the type of guy who's super persistent, this one's for you. When you don't match with someone (either because they swiped left or they didn't message you within 24 hours), you can appear in their queue again. It lets users have a second look at you and maybe match with you. Familiarity promotes attraction after all.

Receive five SuperSwipes for a week

Similar to Tinder's Super Like, a SuperSwipe will let her know you think she's special. It gives your potential match an ego boost, and we all know that's good for building attraction. With 5 SuperSwipes, you can ideally get at least 5 women to swipe right on you simply because you made her feel good.

How much is Bumble Boost?

With all those features, how much do you need to pay each month? Bumble Boost costs $16.99 a month. That's not a bad price to pay if you really want your profile to get the attention it deserves.

Reasons to Use Bumble Boost

If done properly, a Bumble Boost can improve your app experience and get you plenty of good matches. Here are a few reasons it will improve your Bumble experience.

1. Gets you more exposure and more matches

On a date with someone he met on Bumble

The average Western girl spends around 80 minutes/day on dating apps. Let's say half of them go to swiping, which equals 40 minutes. Now divide those 40 minutes by 3-4 sessions across the day, and you only have a 10-minute window just to show up on your dream girl's feed. And that's what a boost can do for you: Get you quick exposure.

Just by being in the spotlight for 30 minutes (ideally during your lunch break or after dinner), you're the first thing they see when they open up the app.

2. Improves your overall Bumble score

As I mentioned earlier, Bumble is slightly biased towards paying users. It's a $5.4 billion company that wants to do business and will do everything to keep you on the app, including rewarding your paid boosts with a higher profile score.

Simply put, if two guys have two almost identical Bumble profiles, but one of them has Bumble Boost, he'll get more and better matches just to keep him happy and coming back again.

Pro tip: Every time you create a dating account - be it on Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Badoo, etc., make sure you use a paid boost within the first few hours of signing up. From years of experience, this seems like a good way to boost your overall app score, and thus give you more and better leads.

3. If you're still working on your profile

If you're reading this post, then you're probably among the 90% who aren't Jason Momoa or Tom Cruise. It's okay.

Some of our readers are in the process of building their dating profile - or physique - but still want to get more dates from Bumble. In this case, a boost or two can kickstart your Bumble experience with a few good matches whom - most likely - you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. But, don't take this for granted.

No boost in the Bumble world will get you a date if your profile is a mess. Work on yourself and take good dating pictures--these are the surest ways to steadily get hot matches from Bumble.

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Reasons to Not Use Bumble Boost

Every dating app has its cons. Sometimes, using a Bumble Boost can be a bad decision and a total waste of time. Below are four reasons you should not consider purchasing a Bumble Boost:

1. If you live in a small town

Dating apps are all about the numbers. No matter how hot you are or how amazing your Bumble profile is, if there's no one to see it, you won't get dates. Not every town you visit will have hot Bumble singles ready to mingle. A city so small or one where Bumble isn't that popular may not be worth a boost. You may get a couple of extra likes but that will be it and it'll feel like hunting for fish in a tiny backyard. You're better off hitting a few local spots and mingling with people than wasting your money on one or more Bumble Boosts.

Instead of wasting your money getting a boost where no one will see you, try checking out our tips on how to date in a small town.

2. If you already have a great profile with enough matches

Those extra likes or matches will be good for your ego but not for your bank account. Getting a few dates a week is great, but being overwhelmed with more women than you can handle is a nightmare. Some guys I mentored have really exceptional profiles. Some are so attractive they still get tons of matches even with poorly taken shots. If that's you, then there's no need to throw some money on a boost you don't need.

3. You're on Incognito Mode

Using Bumble on incognito mode

One of the perks of being a premium Bumble user is being able to navigate the site on Incognito. You will be able to see everyone and swipe on them, but only those you swiped right on can see your profile. This feature is a godsend if you want to remain as anonymous as possible on Bumble while still getting enough matches.

Bumble Boost is all about exposure, though. So if you're limiting your exposure by being in Incognito Mode and then getting a boost, then you're not getting your money's worth. That is unless the other features (except Spotlight) matter a lot to you.

4. If you smell a Bumble shadowban in the air

What is a Bumble shadowban (soft ban)?

A shadow ban is a procedure some popular dating apps take when you break one of their rules or when you delete and reset your account several times to hack the system and get more likes.

The worst thing about a shadowban is that the app will let you use all its features as if nothing happened and may even accept your subscriptions and payments, all while still limiting your exposure.

The company won't tell you they blocked you, but you will notice a sudden drop in both the quality and quantity of your matches. You may spend days - even weeks - without receiving a single decent match. To escape that ban, you'll need a new account with a new phone number, photos, credit card number, and Facebook account, and until you change all that, no boost will help you.

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Can Someone Tell if You Have Bumble Boost?

The short answer is no. Bumble understands that being "that" guy who pays to get exposure isn't that sexy, so it keeps those boosts a secret. While there's nothing inherently wrong with using a Bumble Boost, it may give off desperation signals if you tell a woman too soon. And nothing repels women like neediness and desperation.

One of the only ways a woman may be able to tell that you have Bumble Boost is if she keeps seeing your profile even after swiping left on you several times. She might also notice that you're still on her match list even if she hasn't sent a message in 24 hours or if you haven't replied to her in 24 hours. But in these instances, she has probably already made up her mind about you. So knowing that you have Bumble Boost won't really matter.

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