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Emotional Contagion Seduction: How to Make It Work for You

He's using emotional contagion seduction to get her to laugh with him

Emotional contagion seduction may sound like some PUA buzzword that works in theory and never in practice. But it’s actually a useful concept that can improve your odds of getting a woman to like you. Consider this…

The average man gets rejected within the first 5 seconds of interacting with a woman. She is not really rejecting the guy though because a woman can’t tell at a shot glance if you are a complete loser or someone she should date. 

Most guys assume it is because they are not good-looking, charismatic or rich enough to attract women. But a woman rejecting you has little to do with you at all. 

The truth is, a woman’s attraction for a man is based on how you make her feel. 

Seduction is quite simple, if you can make her feel good when she is around you, she will want to be around you all the time. But if she feels bad when she is around you, she will reject you instantly and sometimes in a harsh way. 

This is known as emotional contagion seduction. 

What Is Emotional Contagion Seduction?

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It’s is when a person automatically adopts the emotional state of another person who is in close proximity to them. You might say it is a case of whoever is feeling the strongest emotion wins. 

We’ve all felt this before when someone with bad energy shows up at a party and kills the whole mood or when the life and soul of the party leaves and everything becomes dull and boring. This is emotional contagion at play. 

But how is it related to seducing women? 

When you learn how to control your emotional state using emotional contagion seduction you can project states onto women that influence her emotionally. I have said already, a woman’s attraction for a man is based on how you make her feel. And the quickest way to influence how she feels is through your emotional state, not your words. 

Your brain has something called mirror neurons. Your mirror neurons will “mirror” and copy the behavior of who you are interacting with. It will also allow you to pick up on the emotional state behind the behavior. 

In other words, if you can express your emotions (verbally or otherwise), she might feel it too. 

So when you approach a woman and you are anxious, she will feel the anxiety coming from you. This energy makes her feel bad when she is around you, so she will try to get away from you as quickly as she can. 

New course

It’s not because she doesn’t find you attractive or she thinks you are a loser who isn’t worth speaking to… she can’t tell that with the little information you have given her. She’s rejecting the energetic state you are in, not you as a person. Make sense? 

Good, because the best way to attract a woman is through her emotions. And the best way to change her emotions is through your emotions. This is what emotional contagion seduction is all about.  

Mirror neurons are stronger in women than they are for men. That is why it might seem like women have a “sixth sense” for sniffing out B.S. and knowing how you feel in the moment. They almost instantly know when you are “faking it” or have an ulterior motive. 

Before you even open your mouth, they have picked up on your emotional state and this is what will ultimately determine whether they will accept or reject you. It happens in split seconds.

A man who lacks confidence, has an ulterior motive, is trying hard to please, or is feeling socially anxious is going to create a weird, awkward, and sometimes creepy vibe to the interaction. 

When you know how to seduce a woman emotionally, she will be sucked in by your vibe and feel an instant attraction. It won’t even matter what you say, she won’t be able to get enough of you. All of this is possible with the emotional contagion desire system. 

How to Use Emotional Contagion on a Girl

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For a woman to experience attraction for a man, she has to be in an excited emotional state. Even if you are anxious and stressed but say all the right pick-up lines, she is not going to feel excited around you. 

But if you are in a state conducive for seduction, then it doesn’t matter what you say because she will be in an exciting emotional state and feeling attraction towards you already. 

The emotional contagion desire system reveals how to use emotional contagion on a girl. Here are 5 key components to that system:

Maintain good energy

A woman is wired to pick up on meta-communication through her mirror neurons. This means she is picking up on what is not being said. 

Have you ever been around a sleazy salesman and although he is smiling and being polite you can’t just feel the sleaziness oozing from him? Yeah, it’s exactly what women feel and they feel it stronger than we do. 

You want to maintain a great vibe throughout your life and when you interact with women you bring this vibe with you. This means you won’t be trying hard to impress or be anything other than who you are. You know your vibe is enough. 

To maintain a great energetic vibe, I recommend: 

  • Going to therapy: Work on whatever anger and resentment issues you might have towards women. 
  • Work on your insecurities: Is it looks, confidence or your financial situation? Go create an action plan to solve it. 
  • Practice being social with everyone wherever you go. 
  • Live a congruent life: Be a “what you see is what you get” kinda guy. Don’t try to hide or cover up who you are. Be honest and live like an open book. 
  • Create a recovery system: Daily stressors can disrupt our energy so whether it is a monthly massage, walk in the park or mediation, have a way to restore your energy from the daily grind. 

The worst thing you can do to impress a woman is to project an image of yourself as anything other than you are. This will amp up your own anxiety as you try hard to keep up appearances and not be exposed. Embrace who you are and realize that you are everything some great woman is looking for, you just have to let her find you.

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Social awareness

The average guy is so caught up in his own thoughts he displays no social or emotional awareness when talking to women. 

Before you can influence a woman emotionally, you’ve got to display that you have her best interest at heart. This makes her feel safe, secure, comfortable and connected to you. It’s only then will she allow herself to feel the intense, raw attraction for you. 

The best way to practice social awareness is to take your focus off you and put it on her. Practice active listening, asking open-ended questions, and being curious about her inner motivations and character. 

Notice her subtle indicators of interest before escalating too hard. A creepy guy is the one who keeps pursuing women even when they display clear signs of low interest. If you push too hard and notice her resistance, take a step back. If she continuously displays low interest, then move on and be around a woman who will be more excited and open to you. 

Project confidence

A couple laughing together

One of the major traits that influence a woman emotionally is confidence. It might be a cliché but when it comes to attraction, confidence is king

Now here is the thing, you don’t have to be in a confident state to project confidence. True confidence is going to come through experience and repetition. But there is nothing stopping you from projecting social confidence even when you are not feeling confident. 

Try holding eye contact for a little bit longer. Try slowing down your movements. Introduce pauses into your conversation. These tips will make you appear socially confident and by practicing them, you will even start feeling more confident in an instant. 

It’s been proven that our body language affects our mood and our mood affects our body language. So use these hacks to put yourself in a confident state and project an air of a man who is comfortable in his own skin. 

Soothe your social anxiety

A woman doesn’t reject a man because he is a loser and not worth dating. She rejects a man either because she is unavailable or she is picking up on weird energy coming from the guy. Usually anxiety. 

Anxiety is caused by wanting something so bad. You want her to like you, you want to date her or you want her as a sex partner. The more you want something the more anxious you are going to feel. 

Anxiety can also be caused by not wanting something, that is, not wanting to be rejected, or humiliated. We are all human and anxiety is part of the human condition. We can’t eliminate it completely but we can manage it. 

The most effective way to deal with anxiety is to set yourself up for small wins rather than major disappointments. Celebrate every time you interact with a woman because you are getting better and improving your social skills. Let go of wanting her to like you or trying to avoid rejection.

Practice progressive desensitization. If you are too anxious to approach a woman, just give her a “cheers” with your glass as you pass by. You can then slowly increase the intensity of the challenge by doing it again and asking her name before you leave. Gently increase this to having 2-minute conversations. Before you know it, you will hit a flow state and start chatting with women effortlessly. 

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Display courage

Anxiety isn’t an ideal state to be in when interacting with women. But here is something you should know, displaying courage will trump your anxiety in most womens’ eyes. So even if you are feeling anxious, it is still better to give it a go than to do nothing. 

You won’t lose any brownie points for giving it a go. If you are feeling anxious, don’t hide it. Call it out if you have to. Tell her you are feeling a little anxious because you haven’t asked a woman out in a while. 

Practice leaning past your comfort zone. On a scale of 1-10, you want to be in the 5-6 range and build social momentum from there. If you find your anxiety creeping to an 8, 9 or 10, take a few steps back and build some social momentum. 

Follow Mel Robbins’ 5-Second Rule. Spend less time worrying about what could go wrong and more time taking the action steps that can give you the life you want. Thinking creates anxiety and action cures it.

Emotional contagion seduction is all about you. Your energetic and emotional state is always coming through when you speak to women. By learning to maintain and project a great vibe, women won’t be able to help it but feel sucked in by your presence and wildly attracted to you in an instant.

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