Figuring Out Why Girls Don't Like You And How To Fix It

Woman who doesn't like you

If you’re one of the many guys who want to figure out why girls don’t like you, then it’s time for a little self-reflection.

This topic is massively important if you want to become successful with women. To be able to improve yourself and become a better man, you really need to figure out what problems you’re facing. Only then will you'll find out why women don’t like you as much as other men.

Everyone knows we learn best from our mistakes. But sometimes it’s difficult to take an objective look at yourself from the inside and identify your issues by yourself.

Having some really close friends who are honest and want what’s best for you would be a good way to figure this out. But not everyone has these brutally honest friends so it’s useful to learn how to do this yourself.

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Figuring out why girls don’t like you requires insight

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If you're using the right sites and still not finding success, you now have to leave your ego at the door. Because if you’re always asking yourself “Why don’t girls like me?” and refuse to be critical of yourself, you won’t get very far. This includes being socially awkward with women.

So, prepare to take a really good and honest look at yourself with a magnifying glass and drop any notions of being nice about it. You’re here to criticize yourself, not rationalize why you do things and make excuses for yourself.

Next, schedule some alone time so you can be free from any distractions. You can either do this in front of a mirror if you really want to catch those moments when you’re trying to lie to yourself. Or you can take out a piece of paper and sit in front of a desk.

After that, it’s time to get real and ask yourself some very tough but important questions.

The first one can be as simple as “Why don’t women like me?” or "Am I needy?"

Say it out loud and take a long moment to really think about it. Many answers can pop into your head so make sure to write them down right as you think of them. To make a list of potential issues and later go through them one by one.

There can be many different reasons why women may not like you, so let’s cover some of the more important ones.

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Your looks

One of the most common reasons why women won’t give you a chance initially is because you’re not taking care of yourself.

Take a look in the mirror and see if you’d date yourself. If not, think of ways how you can improve that.

Even ugly guys land dates, so trying to change your natural looks isn't realistic or necessary. No matter how ugly you may think you are, women will date men who are well-rounded and know how to make women feel great.

What you can do is make absolutely damn sure you have proper hygiene and don’t smell. Once you've done the basics, make sure you groom yourself properly and maintain a decent haircut. Try to exercise regularly so you’re fit and healthy. Any man can do these things and they’ll do wonders for first impressions.

Desperation is why girls don't like you

Are you being too needy around women? Putting their opinions above your own? Trying to get their attention and validation as much as possible?

If so, then you may just be an insecure and needy person, which is very unattractive and a reason why women don't like you.

I always say desperation reeks like a cheap perfume. It permeates the air around you and if women even get a little whiff of it, you’ll never get a chance with them.

When a guy is desperate for attention, it scares women away instantly. Desperation signals you have nothing good going on and definitely no other women in your life. Women think if other women don't want to be around you, there's probably a good reason for it.

When desperate men are around women, they try their hardest to "make everything perfect." They never disagree or say anything to challenge women. They don't share their own thoughts and opinions because they're afraid to lose the girl.

If that sounds like something you’re doing, then you really need to stop. Because it’s one of the most unattractive ways a man can behave. And it's about time to take a step to stop being needy.

To counteract this, you need to change your mindset. Groom a "Whatever happens, happens" thought process. Go into your interactions without any ulterior motives, just to get to know them. If things work out, great! If they don’t, take rejection like a man and just keep chugging along. There’s plenty of women to go around.

Which brings me to the next crucial issue.

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Take rejection like a man

One more big reason why girls don’t like you may be an inability to handle rejection the right way.

Rejection is a normal and natural part of life. Literally, everyone gets rejected. There’s no guy in the world who’s immune to it and that’s perfectly fine. Rejection gives you an opportunity to reassess yourself. Figure out what you did wrong and then learn.

A lot of guys get completely pissed when they get rejected. Some even try to lash out at the girl by calling her names and threatening her as a coping mechanism. This is something that nice guys often do.

This will not only completely destroy your chances with the current girl, but it’ll make sure you get rejected more often by others.

That’s because when you get rejected and aren’t able to cope with it as a man should, it poisons you. You start resenting women, little by little, and it really shows in your subsequent interactions. . . Don't be that guy. Instead, learn how to get over your insecurities.

Negative attitude

If you’re someone who has a negative attitude, you’re simply not fun to be around.

Guys who have a negative attitude are always complaining and whining about things. In fact, they’re the most likely to ask other people “Why don't women like me?” and get mad when people mention their attitude.

Truth is, no one likes a downer who leeches positive energy and is in a constant negative state. People hate guys who always focus on the things they lack instead of being grateful. Things like women, money, looks, opportunities, etc.

So, if you’re someone who talks about how lame and stupid everything and everyone is, don’t be surprised why girls don't like you. Guys like this need to stop playing the victim and take responsibility for their lives.

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Ask yourself another important question: Why do you want to meet and talk with attractive women? What’s your goal?

If your answer is “I just want sex,” or “I want to be loved,” or even “I want to prove something,” then you’re in a lot of trouble.

First of all, this shows you want women just to use them for something.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have sex with attractive women. But if you only want to do it and then leave, or if you want to have sex with ANY attractive woman, you're in for a bad time. Don’t be surprised if women want nothing to do with you if you have this mentality.

Just as with putting someone on a pedestal, you’re completely dehumanizing women with this line of thinking. It shows you don’t give a damn about who they are as people and just want to get something from them.

The answer to this is to start having higher standards. Not just for looks but for the whole package, which includes personality among other things.

Having high standards will not only ensure you actually start getting to know women before you decide to sleep with them. Which incidentally is a very attractive quality in any man. But it’ll also show women you have high self-esteem and know what you want.

Weak body language is one reason why women don't like you

Body language can tell women infinitely more about a man than he could do with his words.

It can certainly be another reason why girls don’t like you. It betrays your inner thoughts and feelings, often ruining your chances before you even approach someone. That’s why developing relaxed, confident and attractive body language is paramount to success with women.

If women see you acting awkwardly, trying to hug them or even kissing them, they’ll be turned off. If you fidget a lot, seem unsure of yourself and look like you’re full of doubt, women will quickly notice through your behavior and body language. Especially if you look like a timid, lost little puppy when you’re talking to them.

Stand up tall, keep your shoulders pushed back a bit and hold your head up. Maintain appropriate eye contact when talking to people and speak with confidence. Doing these basic things will help correct your body language and put you on the right path.

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You can now stop asking yourself “Why don’t girls like me?” and start doing something about it.

Take the necessary time to reassess your behavior around women and try to identify the biggest issues. For best results, ask a buddy of yours who you know won’t sugarcoat things to help you out.

Tell him to be completely honest with you because you’re trying to figure out what the problem is. Then start improving yourself and your personality and go talk to more women to see the results. It’s the only real way how you can figure out why women don’t like you and fix this.

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