How To Get A Girl Wet By Turning Her On (7 Tips From A Doctor)

Guy who knows how to get a woman interestedWomen aren’t mysterious creatures that are impossible to figure out. However, your approach to sex with women in their 20s will not work with older women. You need a new game plan with skills that actually work. Your goal of learning how to get a girl wet is fast approaching.

It’s time to step up your game and learn how to make a woman wet without even touching her. This means you can turn her on anywhere.

I’m going to teach you what it means to get a girl wet first. Once you know that, it’s on to the basics of how to get a girl wet.

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What does it mean when a girl gets wet

You need to understand what does it mean when a girl gets wet before we can get to the how.

Both men and women have a sexual response cycle. When it comes to the female sexual response cycle, this is made up of the physical and emotional changes that happen when she begins to feel sexually stimulated.

Stimulation can be through masturbation, intercourse, or a combination of both. You’ll learn more about how to make a woman wet and how to make a woman wet without touching her later in this post. But for now, it’s time to teach you the four phases of the female sexual response cycle.

Learning the biology behind it all will help you in your quest of how to know if a girl is wet. Sure, you can touch her or feel her panties to see if she is wet, but knowing the phases she goes through will really teach you how to make a woman wet.

Phase 1: Excitement

You can learn how to get a girl wet that'll kick off the cycle. It all starts with excitement.

Many physical things happen during this first phase. Her muscles begin to become tense. For example, she may squeeze you with her hand or you’ll feel her body become tense. Also, her heart begins to beat faster. You may even notice that she is breathing faster.

You may see her face or skin become flushed. During this phase, her nipples will harden. Blood flow to the genital area will begin along with vaginal lubrication. Your quest of how to get a girl wet is in full force.

During this excitement phase, you now understand what does it mean when a girl gets wet because you see it displayed in her physical reactions.

You need to try this

Phase 2: Plateau

But we’re not done quite yet . . .

After she has reached the excitement phase, she’ll enter a plateau which is just before she reaches orgasm. This phase is very short and often only a few seconds, so don’t be shocked if you don’t entirely notice it.

You’ve already discovered the beginning of how to know if a girl is wet in the excitement phase and it continues in the plateau until she gets to the . . .

Phase 3: Orgasm

Now for the potential for a big explosion of wetness and satisfaction. In this third phase, she’ll reach orgasm, which is the peak of the sexual response cycle. She’ll experience many physical effects from this phase. Some are visible and others can’t be seen.

The physical responses to watch for are muscle spasms, which may be seen through her body movement. Her body may twitch and move due to muscle contractions. Her face or skin may appear flushed. She may have little gasps for more air as her breath and heartbeat are at their peak. You may see her entire body contract and release with sexual tension.

In your goal of how to know if a girl is wet, watching her during the orgasm phase will be a great predictor.

It’s important to remember that not every woman experiences orgasm the same and there are different types of orgasms. Some women have difficulty reaching orgasm, which may or may not have anything to do with you.

Phase 4: Resolution

After she reaches orgasm, she enters the resolution phase where her body begins to return to a normal state. You’ll see her breath slow down, the color return to her skin and her body relax. Many women during this phase find their genital area very sensitive.

Some women can experience multiple orgasms, which occur during the resolution stage. Of course, you want her to have another orgasm, so ask her if you can continue to touch her and help her experience more pleasure. By now, your question of how to know if a girl is wet should be solved. video course

Don’t assume just because she is wet that she is horny

One mistake that can easily be made is to assume that since she’s wet, she must be ready for sex. The female body in all of its glory has a mind of its own. Meaning that even when a woman isn’t horny, she can still experience wetness in her genital area.

Your journey of how to get a girl wet will be missed if you don’t make sure she is turned on when you are. Keep reading to find out the techniques that you need to know about how to make a woman wet. Now that you understand how to know if a girl is wet you are ready to take your skills to the next level.

How to make a woman wet

The benefits of getting her wet

Besides knowing that she’s turned on by you, there are other great benefits of getting a woman wet. Her ability to self-lubricate makes penetration more pleasurable for both of you. Ensuring she’s wet equals less friction during penetrative sex and that equals a lot more fun.

Her desire in you may or may not be demonstrated by the amount of wetness she experiences. For example, you can have all the knowledge of how to get a girl wet and she still not experience the amount of wetness you hope for. Don’t let this bother you. Keep at it with the following techniques.

Make her feel wanted

If you’re wondering how to make a woman wet without touching her, start with your words. She wants to be wanted, not needed. There are many people in her life that need her, but she desires to be wanted. Use your words to capture her interest.

It’s possible to learn how to get a girl wet by creating massive attraction through your words.

Appeal to her primal side by telling her how much you want her. Tell her how much she turns you on. Let her know you can’t stop thinking about her body. Genuine compliments about her physical features won’t go unnoticed and she’ll find her own way of showing you just how important they are.

Give her attention

Women need attention, sometimes it’s that simple. You can turn her on and make her wet by giving her the attention she desires. This includes in public, around friends and throughout the day. Giving her the attention she deserves is a great answer to how to make a woman wet without touching her.

This is especially true around her friends. Make her feel special and only be into her around her friends. She will be ready to pounce on you before you make it back to her place. Giving her attention validates that she’s still wanted despite her age.

Be confident

If you struggle with your confidence or self-esteem, get to work on improving it as soon as possible. If you want to know how to get a girl wet, be confident in yourself. This is where fake it until you make works best. Even if you aren’t feeling confident, fake it and appear confident.

Women want someone who is sure of themselves. It shows them that you can handle yourself and them. Women find it hot when you are sure of yourself. There is a fine line between confident and cocky but lean more towards cocky. For example, if you are meeting a woman in a bar, tell her you can’t wait for the night to end because you know she is going home with you. She may tell you to keep dreaming or pretend she isn’t interested, but she is. Showing your confidence is how to make a woman wet without touching her.

You started your journey wanting to learn how to get a girl wet. Now you know a woman’s sexual response cycle, how to make a woman wet, how to know if a girl is wet, and the techniques to make it happen.

Learning how to make a woman wet is easier than you realize. You are already doing it so now you have a few more techniques to use.

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