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How To Get Any Girl To Like You Without Losing Yourself (Real Advice)

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Today I’ll answer the age-old question of “How do you get a girl to like you?” I’ll show you how to do it without pretending to be someone you’re not.

Too many guys struggle with women these days. So it’s important to figure out how to get any girl to like you if you want to stop being alone.

This involves learning how to show women you’re a great guy who’s fun to be around. It also involves understanding certain principles which make you attractive to women. As well as improving your appearance, attitude and mindsets so they give you a chance in the first place.

Below, you’ll learn how to approach, talk to and behave around women in a way which will significantly improve your chances of success. But most importantly, you won’t have to lose yourself while doing so.

How do you get a girl to like you for who you are?

First and foremost, you have to find where the women are at. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best online dating websites and apps for you. But once you’ve started connecting, how do you get a girl to like you for who you are?

The secret to how to get any girl to like you and be attractive to women is to always strive to be authentic and genuine in all your interactions. This means being honest with yourself first and foremost. It also means you have to accept who you are and stop hiding it.

Finding yourself and your passions

A lot of guys have issues with letting women know certain things about themselves.

For example, guys dread telling women about their “geeky” or “dorky” hobbies and interests. For fear of scaring the girl away somehow. This is a risk you must make to become more manly.

Well, if you want women to really like you for who you genuinely are, you need to embrace that side of you. It doesn’t matter if one of your biggest hobbies is mountain climbing, knitting sweaters, taming lions or collecting “Transformer” figures. As long as you’re genuinely passionate about it and express it to women the right way, they’ll get sucked into your interest as well.

That’s because passion and passionate people are contagious. No matter how dorky or silly you think your interests may sound, if you describe them the right way and talk about them passionately, women will usually become interested in what you like as well. Even if they initially thought they’d never be interested in such a thing.

Incidentally, I’m an avid gamer and I always talk to women about video games. Something most men wouldn’t dream of doing on a date because they’re afraid of looking lame or boring the girl. But the way I talk about my hobby invites women to explore their imaginations and also sparks various emotions.

It’s something that actually helps me significantly during my dates.

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Talking about your passions the right way

For example, a good buddy of mine is really passionate about trains. He loves riding them and makes sure to do so at every opportunity when he has to travel. He buys various model trains, hand paints them and displays them proudly to his friends and family. But he’s terrified of showing his interest to women.

One day we went on a double date and I managed to get him to explain why he’s so passionate about his hobby.

He started explaining how awesome it is to ride a train. He described what it feels like going at full speed, how the rhythmical beats of the rails feel like a heartbeat to him. How when his head is out the window and the wind’s in his hair, he feels free and alive.

He then proceeded to tell everyone about his awesome trip to Norway and how he took a train from Oslo through the mountains. Both of the girls were so sucked into the story, all they could say was “Wow” in the end. After he was done, they desperately wanted to go on a train trip to the mountains with us and we started building our plans.

Guess what? He’s married to that woman now and she never thought she’d be interested in trains at all! She started appreciating his hobby because he was passionate. By talking about how his passion made him feel rather than the specifics of train models, he made his future wife understand him better.

Everyone has things that make them feel that way, it’s just a matter of evoking those same feelings when explaining your hobbies.

Be genuine to others

So how do you make a girl like you? Simply by being genuine, especially when giving out compliments. Be real, say what you mean and make sure to mean what you say. This will definitely make you more charming.

Genuine people don’t try to make others like them. They go into interactions without any ulterior motives, just to figure out who the other person is and to get to know them. Only then do they decide if they want to pursue that person further.

Figuring out how do you get a girl to like you often doesn’t exist to these types of people. Genuine people understand that some people will like them and some won’t, and they’re okay with it.

When you’re being genuine, you’ll never lose yourself because you won’t have to change your personality just to attract other people. Those who’ll enjoy your company will be drawn to you and like you for the things you represent.

How to get any girl to like you?

So how do you make a girl like you when you approach her initially? We’ve created an in-depth video course that breaks down all the specifics of how to do exactly that and get her attracted to you. It’s worth checking out if you’re having any issues with finding, approaching and attracting women.

No pickup lines

Guys often think they have to have a hook to get a girl interested in them. Some pickup line that “dating gurus” say is supposed to create this insane attraction women can’t escape.

Sure, it works perfectly for these guys because it was made for them specifically. When they say the lines, their attitude, tonality and body language are all in line with the words that are coming out of their mouths. So women respond really positively to their approaches.

However, other guys who try those lines often fail miserably.

So why exactly is that?

Well, because the actual words you say are not as important as how you say them and how you present yourself while doing so. Many guys fail to understand this and that's why they can't get a girlfriend.

Non-verbal communication

Most communication between people, especially those of the opposite sex, is done without words. The way you carry yourself, the tone you use when speaking, your mannerisms and your body language will sub-communicate to women everything they need to know about you. And make you look more masculine.

This is one of the most important things you need to understand when asking yourself how do you make a girl like you or even l again and again.

So what should you actually say to women when approaching?

The answer is to say exactly what’s on your mind.

You’re going into the interaction to find out who the woman is as a person because you saw her and thought she was attractive, aren’t you? If not, then you may have an ulterior motive, which isn’t very nice.

Approaching women

How do you get a girl to like you and make a great first impression? By learning how to approach women the right way.

The best way to do it is to notice something you genuinely find interesting about them. Then walk up to them as soon as possible, before your brain has a chance to freak out and you talk yourself out of it. And then say the thing you were thinking about. While also making sure you don’t show hesitation, meekness or timidness in your approach.

Speak clearly, loudly and hold steady eye contact. Smile if it feels natural and appropriate or even give a wicked little smirk as if you know something she doesn’t.

If you do it this way, you’ll never have to worry about saying the wrong things because you’ll be speaking your mind. This is always very attractive and beats a pickup line anytime, which is why it’s one of the keys to how to get any girl to like you.

Improving your wardrobe while staying yourself

Finally, women will like you substantially more if you take care of your appearance. And also if you find the right style that suits you and brings out your best features.

To find your style, you have to take the time to go shopping with some friends you trust. Then try on various clothes and outfits and see which ones you feel the most comfortable in.

Make sure you genuinely feel great in your outfit and then ask for some second opinions. Finally, pick out the one who both you and your friend agree on looks the best on you.

Just make sure you bring friends who can be brutally honest with you and don’t just want to make you feel good about yourself. And don’t bring your mom or your grandma, or even your bestie because you’ll never ever find your true style that way.

Grooming with your own style

Next, you have to decide on a good haircut which will suit your face and the bone structure of your head. It’s really worth it to invest at least once to go to a professional hairstylist to figure out your hairstyle. Then take pictures of it once they’re done and show it to all the other barbers you later go to.

Doing just these two things will make you stand out and women will be significantly more attracted to you than usual. You’ll notice the change in attention almost immediately.

To finish off the whole package, make sure to exercise regularly and maintain a fit body. There’s nothing better you can do which will bring about a drastic change in your attractiveness than by becoming fit.

Plus, you’ll become more healthy to boot, which is always a nice bonus.

Now you can stop asking yourself “How do you get a girl to like you without losing yourself” because you know what it means to be authentic and genuine around women.

Women love these kinds of men so if you learn how to flirt properly and follow the guidelines above, you’ll have lots of success.


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