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How To Be Attractive To Women (Get Them Interested Every Time)

A man who knows how to be attractive to women

Having an awesome dating life is all about knowing how to be attractive to women. Because you won’t find much success unless the women you’re approaching and talking to find you attractive.

However, being attractive to women has little to do with looks alone. It has much more to do with the whole package and how you make use of what you have to make a great first impression.

That’s why I’ll show you how you can instantly become more attractive to the women you meet in your life. As well as mention some of the biggest pitfalls you must avoid.

How to be attractive to women right from the start

Becoming more attractive to women involves both your internal and external qualities. Such as your behavior and mannerisms. As well as body language, eye contact and even the clothes you wear and what style you have.

Let’s start with the internal stuff first, which is by far more important.

Have the right attitude

Your attitude around women will usually either make or break your interactions. That’s because it directly affects your behavior.

To be very attractive to women you have to stay positive, behave in a confident manner and stand up for yourself. This will make you look more manly.

If you’re a guy who’s consumed with negativity, women won’t find you attractive. No one wants to hang around someone who’s toxic. So it’s important you’re in a good or at least neutral mood when you’re talking to women.

When it comes to your confidence, you don’t have to be 100% ultra confident about everything all the time. But you do have to trust in yourself and believe things will usually go your way. That’ll help you stay calm and confident when talking to women.

Confident guys stand up for themselves and express their opinions and ideas without fear.

If you disagree with women on various opinions and topics, it won’t ruin your chances with them. It’ll just solidify the fact you can speak for yourself and have firm views on various subjects. And that's how you get a girl.

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Speak calmly and clearly

Too many guys make the mistake of rushing their words when they’re talking. Or doubting themselves and trying to think of the perfect thing to say. Some even act and look like a lost little puppy, barely muttering their words. All of that is incredibly unattractive. And probably the reason why they can't get a girlfriend.

So, when you’re speaking to women, do so clearly, with the right tone and don’t rush things.

Confident guys don’t feel like they have to prove something to others. That’s why they take the time to articulate their words well. They aren’t afraid of making pauses in their speech when necessary.

How to be attractive to women is all about your body language

Body language is a huge key in how to be attractive to women. Because it accounts for the majority of your communication with other people. That’s why it’s imperative you understand what kind of body language is attractive and what kind isn’t.

You see, the way you move, stand, carry yourself and even your facial expressions sub-communicates to women everything they need to know about who you are as a person. All of these show your masculinity.

Women can quickly glean whether you’re a confident guy or if you’re just faking it. By noticing certain body language cues you exhibit around them. That’s because most women can read body language much better than men can.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure to relax, loosen up your shoulders and don’t slouch. And just as with speech, don’t rush things. Instead, take your time to move in a calm, collected and purposeful manner.
  • Maintain proper posture and refrain from sticking your head forward like some sort of goblin.
  • When you go in to shake her hand, to hug her or otherwise touch her, never hesitate.
  • Avoid crossing your arms or your legs without a good reason because it looks defensive and confrontational.
  • Don’t lean into women when you’re talking to them and instead lean back if you can so you look comfortable.
  • Stay focused on what you’re doing and don’t fidget around. That means noticing any bad habits you have like nail biting, nose picking, foot tapping, etc. These betray your nervousness and are never attractive.
  • Learn how to hold strong and steady eye contact with women. Don’t look away shyly and don’t stare at the ground.

When you notice yourself doing these, just redirect yourself back and you’ll train yourself out of doing them.

Express yourself and show your sense of humor

Humor is one of the best ways to show your personality to women and make them become attracted to who you really are. It’s one of the key things we’ve mentioned when talking about how to flirt.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself around women. Be sure to joke around, tease them, tell various funny and silly stories from your life and encourage them to do the same as well.

Women often say humor is one of the most attractive qualities in men. Which is why it’s important to embrace your funny side when you’re learning how to be attractive and charming to women.

However, you don’t have to become a comedian or make women laugh constantly for them to like you. Or they’ll think that’s all you’re good for.

Just being able to make women laugh early on in the interaction a couple of times is more than enough to be attractive in their eyes.

Once women see you have a decent sense of humor and are able to joke around at will and make them laugh now and again, they’ll want to hang around you more.

Some of the best ways to achieve this are misinterpretations, exaggerating things they say out of proportion in a funny or silly way, making up various roleplay scenarios on the spot, and other similar things.

I highly suggest you read the article on how to make women laugh when you’re talking to them. It’ll explain everything in much greater depth.

Oh, and if you don’t think you’re funny or don’t know how to make people laugh. Then watch some comedy routines, stand-up humor and similar things to get a better idea of how it works. Taking some time to develop your sense of humor and watch some comedy while taking notes is always worth it and will pay huge dividends in any relationship.

Challenge women and make things exciting

Men who are challenging are always going to be attractive to women.

That’s because women want things they can’t easily get.

If you’re always being non-confrontational, timid, meek and basically a doormat, women will find you exceptionally boring. It won’t be fun or exciting for them to talk with you and they’ll move on to other men.

In fact, this is one of the reasons why dating and seduction are often referred to as “Game.” You’re both tip-toeing around, feeling each other out, looking at ways to make things exciting and fun while not losing your power completely.

So, if women learn early on that they’ve got you in their pocket. And that you’re already head-over-heels, madly in love with them when they aren’t even attracted to you, then it’s game over, man. All the challenge will be gone and they’ll go find someone else who’s not as easy.

That’s why if you want to master how to be attractive to women, you need to give them a run for their money, so to speak. But without being manipulative.

To accomplish this, make it more difficult for women to really know what you’re thinking about them. By playfully teasing them, sending mixed messages, being indifferent at times, pushing them away and pulling them in, etc.

This will create various conflicting emotions in women. And provided you’re not acting like an asshole and are fun and interesting to hang out with, women will start craving your attention and will want to be around you more.

Making women chase you is all about this ambiguity and emotional investment. If they’re attracted to you but aren’t sure you like them back, then they’ll try to win your approval in various ways. Which means their attraction towards you will grow even more.

Take care of your appearance

Another great way of making yourself very attractive to women is to improve your appearance.

The simplest way to do that would be to hit the gym or do other types of regular exercise so you become fit.

As much as it may be difficult to hear, looks matter quite a lot when it comes to first impressions.

Good looks alone won’t make sure you go all the way and end up in an awesome relationship. But they’ll certainly provide you with ample opportunities to meet women. And have them be more attracted to you right from the start.

So, do yourself a huge favor if you’re not already exercising and make up a proper workout program for yourself. Then begin eating right, drop all the unhealthy and fattening junk food and go lift some weights as well as do some cardio.

You should start doing all of this anyway because the benefits aren’t just there for women but for you as well. You’ll become more healthy, both physically and mentally. Because strenuous exercise helps with daily stress, regulates sleep patterns, makes you more confident and improves your general mood.

Plus, women will see you’re not a lazy man and that you don’t neglect yourself and your body. Which is very attractive in and of itself.

Finally, once you improve your body, make sure to have good grooming habits. Always smell good around women by maintaining proper hygiene and maybe even getting a nice cologne. As well as making sure your grooming is in order and that you have a decent haircut.

All these things will make sure you’re going to be attractive to most women.

Develop your masculinity

The final step for how to be attractive to pretty much all women is to develop attractive and masculine characteristics.

I’ve already mentioned Confidence, which is one of the masculine characteristics I’m talking about. But there are many more similar things you can display to women for them to become extremely attracted to you.

These include, among other things, Assertiveness, Decisiveness, Leadership, Vigor, Physical, Mental and Emotional Strength, Independence, Dominance, Adaptation, Authenticity, etc.

These are all qualities women want and look for in men.

Simply put, when you display various masculine traits to women, they won’t be able to help it but feel attraction towards you. That’s because masculinity always attracts femininity. And because these things cut straight through the bullshit and show women you have what it takes to succeed in life.

Women care significantly more about the above characteristics than things like money, fame and power. Because men who embody them have the ability to shape their lives to their liking. As a result, they have endless potential to get all the money, fame, power and similar things they desire.

So, if you want to be attractive to women wherever you go, you need to focus on developing yourself and your personality. So you can grow and mature as a person, as well as become a more masculine, well-rounded and secure individual. One who women will want to be with.

Someone who stands up for himself and doesn’t take shit from others. Someone who always has goals in life and strives to achieve them. As opposed to doing nothing productive with their time and wasting away.

Obviously, all of this is easier said than done. But any man can and should strive towards bettering themselves. It’s the only true way to become attractive to all women.

Learning how to be attractive to women

Now you know what it takes to be very attractive to the vast majority of women you’ll meet throughout your life.

Use this knowledge to guide you to the things you must develop in yourself to reach the pinnacle of attractiveness to women. It may take you some time, but true self-development is a neverending process. And women find men who strive to develop themselves really attractive.


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