How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed Each and Every Time (Step-By-Step)


Woman being satisfied in bedSomething every man should learn is how to satisfy a woman during lovemaking. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a long-term relationship or a one-night stand scenario, pleasing a woman in bed is a priority.

Being able to satisfy your partner sexually will help keep your relationship happy. A great sex life is something a lot of women look for yet rarely get. But when you do meet her needs sexually, you’ll find that your relationship will be much more fulfilling.

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How to satisfy a woman every time

If you want to be able to satisfy your lover in bed every single time, you must remember this: you need to satisfy her physically as well as mentally.

Plenty of men forget this crucial insight and think great sex only consists of the physical part. This couldn’t be further from the truth because a woman’s sexual arousal and satisfaction depend on her mental arousal too.

If you neglect to turn her on both mentally and physically, she will consider you to be a weak lover. And who would want to keep having sex with a weak lover?

Below I’ll show you how to satisfy a woman physically and mentally. This will make sure that you can make any woman so horny and orgasmic that she’ll never want to be with anyone else.

You need to try this

Never skip foreplay

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that men are like switches and women are like volume knobs when it comes to sexual arousal. This is because very few women are ready and willing to jump straight into sex as soon as you both decide to do it.

That’s why I can’t overemphasize the importance of foreplay. It’s possibly the most important part of how to satisfy a woman physically. When done right, it can increase the pleasure she gets from sex tenfold. It also increases the chances of her having an orgasm or two.

Great foreplay starts off slowly and then gradually grows with intensity.

So, get close to her, look her in the eyes with a mischievous little smile that implies she’s soon going to be moaning your name. Then embrace her, kiss her gently on the cheek, nibble on her earlobe and tell her something sexy. Kiss her neck and her shoulders, and let your mouth wander further down south.

As you work your way down, gradually remove her clothing. Fondle her breasts and caress them gently with your hands and tongue. Then go even lower.

Get your mouth, tongue, and lips ready for some oral because you’ll want to linger down there for a while. Cunnilingus is one of the best forms of foreplay, and so many women would agree that they don’t get enough of it!

During all of this, you can even try talking dirty to her. It will complement the foreplay and shoot her arousal levels through the roof.

Also, if she happens to prefer rough foreplay, you can get a little more physical with her. Show your dominant side by grabbing her, lifting her up, pinning her against the bed, and all the other ways you can show her your strength.

Be attentive during sex

An integral part of how to satisfy a woman becoming a great lover is being attentive during sex.

You need to look out for feedback to understand what she truly enjoys and what gives her little to no pleasure. Try different positions, different angles and various speeds or intensity levels until you hit the sweet spot.

When you do eventually hit those right spots, she’ll give you feedback through her moans and groans of pleasure. And if she happens to not be very vocal during sex, you’ll be able to see just how much she’s enjoying what you’re doing by how shallow and quick her breathing becomes.

When you do spot something that drives her wild and makes her writhe from pleasure, keep going! When she actually tells you “don’t stop!” literally keep doing what you’re doing at the same pace and intensity. This is a sure sign that she’s about to orgasm.

So when you find that magical spot, whatever it may be, keep at it. video course

How to satisfy a woman in bed by being a generous lover

Too many men are selfish in bed and focus on satisfying themselves first. This often leaves their partners feeling unfulfilled and wanting more.

If she sees that you only focus on getting an orgasm yourself, she’ll do what it takes to not have to sleep with you. If you’re the only one having fun, why would she bother?

That’s why one of the best ways of how to satisfy a woman during sex and leave her craving for more is by being a generous lover.

Be patient and focus on giving her an orgasm first. Use your fingers or your mouth to get her there. After she quivers from pleasure, you can then have your turn. And if you do everything just right, she might even have a second or third orgasm!

Want something more specific? The secret to giving her pleasure during sex is clitoral stimulation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving oral sex or engaged in penetrative sex. You can always supplement it with clitoral stimulation using your fingers, no matter the position. This will drive nearly all women absolutely insane with intense pleasure.

Become good at oral sex and fingering

Another part of how to satisfy a woman when having sex is becoming good at oral sex and fingering. These are hallmarks of being a giving and generous lover.

Not only will these moves provide her with endless pleasure, but they’ll also let you pleasure her without finishing too soon. That’s because most men last mere minutes when all they have is penetrative sex, especially when they do it without a condom.

When you focus on fingering her and giving great oral sex, you will have plenty of time to rest between rounds.

There are several techniques to become great at oral sex.

Most importantly, while the clitoris is very important, her vulva also deserves some love. Pay attention to the inner and outer lips, as well as the entrance. These have very sensitive nerve endings, which you can stimulate with your tongue or fingers.

Doing it right depends entirely on what your partner enjoys. Some women enjoy when men are super gentle with their tongues. Others enjoy men who are forceful and go at it like it’s a popsicle licking competition. There are also lots of women who like to be fingered during oral sex.

You have to be attentive to what your lover likes by observing her reactions. Let the intensity of her moans and breathing guide you until you hit the spots she really enjoys.

Proper fingering is a gamechanger

My personal secret for how to satisfy a woman in bed every single time is using my fingers in a very special way.

Once she’s horny and wet from my kisses, I use my fingers to massage her clitoris continuously. I then use my fingers on the other hand to slip one, two or even three fingers inside her. I place my fingertips on her G-spot and massage it vigorously.

You can find the G-spot by inserting your fingers inside her and curling them upwards towards her clit. Rhythmically rub both her G-spot and her clit, and she’s sure to explode with pleasure.

Remember to be attentive to how she responds to your moves and apply as much pressure as necessary. Some women will respond really powerfully to light pressure. Others will scream your name only when you exert enough force to nearly break your fingers.

After a bit of practice, doing this will drive nearly all women absolutely bonkers from pure ecstatic bliss. They’ll moan, convulse, spin around, and grab you as they orgasm.

Don’t let up until they orgasm, and they’ll be like putty in your hands.

How to satisfy a woman with your strength

Lastly, I’d like to mention the importance of being dominant during sex.

A lot of men don’t know this, but most women enjoy sex more with a partner who can be assertive rather than a partner who’s too timid to make any moves. Basically, women want to be ravaged during sex, and not just “made love to,” as some might put it.

Slow, sensual sex is very enjoyable from time to time. But nothing beats a good, raw, animalistic fuck. Ask any woman who’s comfortable enough to speak about her sexuality, and she’ll confirm this.

So don’t be afraid to become more commanding and dominant during sex.

I’ve been around the block quite a lot and had enough sexual experience to know what women want. And I’ve talked to literally thousands of women about what they enjoy sexually. The answer I keep hearing over and over is rough sex with a dominant and powerful partner.

So here’s a little trick that will let you become that dominant guy in bed. During sex, push her down with a bit of force and then grab and pull her hair. It's a simple first step if you’re not used to being dominant.

Just don’t go overboard and become too forceful because most women don’t want to be in pain during sex. They only want you to be in control of the whole thing and show your strength.

You now know more about how to satisfy a woman in bed. I’ve given you my secret weapon and some tips that will leave your lovers wanting more.

With that said, all of this requires practice and patience. But don’t worry because a lot of women are up for a little experimentation. It’s all part of what makes sex fun, exciting and interesting!

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