7 Things To Know About How Long Should Foreplay Last For Amazing Sex

Our foreplay tips in actionYou’re here because you’re probably quite adventurous. That, and you like the idea of pleasing your partner. You’re intrigued about how long should foreplay last and it couldn’t hurt to hear a few new tips on how to make your foreplay experience even better, right? So, let’s start with an analogy:

Picture yourself getting ready for a race, a marathon for example. You haven’t spent a single second practicing for it nor have you even warmed up. And bang goes the sound to signify the start of the race.

You move your body effortless for a mile or a few miles at best, then find yourself panting out of breath and ready to quit. Sure you took part in the race but did you finish strong or get the congratulations and a big cheer from the crowd?

Sex without foreplay is simply that – a rush of adrenaline and impulse that leads to something short-lived and perhaps not very satisfying for everyone involved. That doesn’t sound very fun, does it?

Which is why foreplay is strongly recommended for great sex and an all-around passionate and pleasurable experience. It doesn't matter if you are with your long-time girlfriend or someone you met on one of our recommended hookup apps these tips are essential.

Just How Long Should Foreplay Last


For women, foreplay helps prepare the body for sex. Caressing, touching, kissing, and hugging oftentimes aids in a woman feeling turned on and excited. And it helps them to produce natural lubrication – which is key in having pleasurable and pain-free sex.

Additionally, when a woman is aroused, blood floods to the clitoris making it sensitive to the touch. When blood is flowing, the likelihood of an orgasm is exceedingly higher.

For men, blood rushes to the penis which then becomes erect and the testes pull up into the scrotum in preparation for ‘the deed’.

Both men and women then experience a quickened heart rate, higher blood pressure and faster breathing.

All of these processes are essential in preparation for sex! So instead of being ready to end the race, consider delaying gratification to make everyone happy.

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For women especially, foreplay is the key to making her feel comfortable, aroused and relaxed. It’s a time for women to feel warmness, safety and trust from her partner and to form an emotional bond that heightens the sexual experience.

In fact, a study conducted at Deakin University in Australia showed that women were more aroused by softcore porn videos that included sensuality such as kissing and caressing. They enjoyed more build up than hardcore porn videos depicting only sex.

Also, take into account that takes a woman a lot longer to reach orgasm as opposed to a man. For men, simply the idea of sex can get him hot and bothered. For women, however – many need more. And foreplay is the most fun way to prepare her for mind-blowing sex!

Next, we move on to what is perhaps the most important question: how long should foreplay last?

How long should foreplay last?

In a study conducted by sexologist Lindsey Doe, it was found that the majority of test subjects took part in foreplay with their partner for around 13 minutes. This doesn’t include the British who claim to be having pre-intercourse fun for just over 22 minutes though. Regardless, the test subjects felt this was not quite long enough.

For them, the golden number was 18. 18 minutes of foreplay was found to be more than enough to get the juices flowing and the heart racing.

Interestingly though, according to former Playboy writer, Bridget Phetasy, women admitted that they’d prefer intercourse to last less than 35 minutes. In fact, some liked the sound of a mere two to 10 minutes.

So, what exactly does this tell us? That sex should not be seen as the end result or the main attraction when it comes to getting down and dirty. It also shows that foreplay, itself, is the big event for some! So, why not take the time to enjoy it without the added pressure of trying to achieve orgasm?

Let’s move on to the next question – what exactly is foreplay? Is it merely oral sex? And how long should foreplay last? Nine minutes spent on each and bam, it’s time for sex? Not at all! In fact, there are so many other ways that foreplay can be enjoyed, mentally and physically.

Here are a few tips to help you engage in foreplay like a pro!

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Top tips to make the most of your foreplay experience

Now is the perfect time to start thinking outside of the box and coloring outside! When it comes to foreplay, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Here are 10 tips and ideas to help you make the most of your foreplay experience:

Strip Tease

A striptease can be a very sexy way in which to seduce and captivate your partner. Go to town gyrating and grinding your hips to the sound of sexy tunes.

Use toys

Sex toys can be such a treat in the bedroom, before, during or after! And today there are so many different styles and devices you can choose from! An obvious choice for her is a toy to stimulate her clitoris, which will most likely give her amazing orgasms every time.


Who says you need to be in the same place to have foreplay? Sexting is the next best thing (and perhaps sometimes even better than the real thing)! A good sext has the ability to get the blood flowing to all the right places causing throbbing pleasure for both.


You can make some of your biggest fantasies come true with role-playing. It’s time to let your imagination run wild! Have you always loved the whole doctor/nurse scenario? Or how about being or working with a sexy secretary? You could even find outfits to compliment your play time.

Nipple play

Some men and women absolutely love it when their nipples are stimulated. The action alone has the ability to cause intense arousal.

Dirty talk

It’s been found that when we talk dirty, it activates the same place in the brain as when we use curse words. That’s got to be a good sign! Give it a go, it’ll surely crank up the temperature.

Sensual massage

Touching is such an important part of foreplay. So giving or receiving a massage is one sure-fire way to get things going. Use massage oil and slowly touch your partner all over for an intense moment of intimacy.

Take a shower together

Taking a shower is a great activity to do together! You can marvel over your partner’s beautiful surely make them feel sexy, resulting in confidence and sensual sex after.

Watch porn together

Watching porn together has the ability to create such strong sexual tension. If you both enjoy it, you’ll probably be rewarded with some hot action.

Fetish exploration

Do you have any kinky fantasies that you’ve wanted to explore? Maybe you’ve read about or saw a porno of someone rimming their partner? Or you’ve thought about water sports?

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to try and you feel comfortable talking to your partner about it, go ahead and let your kinky flag fly. It’s only a bit of fun, after all!

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about foreplay – why it’s important, what happens to the body and the mind during it, as well as the answer to the seemingly age-old question: how long should foreplay last?

Use these top tips to heighten your sexual experience. After all, it’s all about creating more intimacy and pleasure for both involved.

Happy playing!

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