8 Things That Turn Women On (That Any Guy Can Do)

man seducing woman with things that turn women on

Sometimes, a woman's walk, her bra strap's lace or a hair flip are all it takes to arouse a man. Needless to say, guys get turned on pretty easily––at least, generally speaking.

While it doesn’t require much to get a man hot and bothered, women are another story. So, what are some things that turn women on?

First of all, everyone is different. You know how your sexual tastes differ from your buddies’? Well, similarly, not every woman is the same. Also, when it comes to sex, women are a bit more complicated than men. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to figure out.

If you’re not quite sure what to do to get the opposite sex in the mood for some nookie, you’re not alone. As it turns out, a lot of guys have it wrong. This guide will cover things men think turn women on as well as what actually turns them on.

Things That Turn Women On

Your brainstorm of things that turn women on may include foreplay, naked photos - things directly related to sex. While these things can be arousing for women, it’s not always the case. In fact, getting a lady keyed up involves actions that are a lot more subtle than you’d expect.

Some women are turned on by physical acts and imagery. However, many will be inclined to jump your bones simply based on your character attributes. In other words, some men exhibit sexy behaviors that have nothing to do with getting it on or their looks.

I’ll go over both physical and non-physical gestures that get women going. It’s probably safe to say some of the things that turn women on may surprise you.

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Things that turn women on: the physical stuff

If you get stimulated by nude photos, you might assume they can get a woman’s juices flowing, too. And yet, it’s not usually the case. 

Do you really want to know how to get your leading lady off? Here are a few physical things that turn women on.

Hand-holding and other PDA

PDA: you either hate it or you love it, am I right? While everyone has their own preferences, holding a woman’s hand can go a long way. Whether in private or public, a simple physical affirmation shows you’re not just hanging out with her to get laid.

Expressing your romantic desire in a woman and show interest in simply being around her can be stimulating. I’m talking about a kiss on the cheek, a gentle squeeze of her waist or an arm around her shoulders.

Not every woman loves PDA (and not every man hates it). But often, these small displays of affection are fundamental in sealing the deal.

Giving her a massage

You’ve probably given a woman a massage in the hopes that it’ll get her in the mood for sex. This is a popular move for a reason. In many instances, it might work. 

A massage can be relaxing, and relaxation and comfort are keys to getting in the mood. Also, when you make a woman feel good, she’ll associate that good feeling with being in your presence.

That being said, I recommend focusing on a quality massage before making things sexual. When a guy starts rubbing a woman’s shoulders then starts kissing her neck two minutes later? It’s pretty clear he wants sex. 

It’s certainly OK to want to hook up with your massage recipient. But if you move too fast, you’re implying that it’s more about your pleasure than hers––and that’s a big no-no.

Erotic massages can be amazing. But if you tell a woman you’re going to give her a massage? There’s a good chance she’ll expect you to literally relieve the tension in her muscles. The main point here is to follow through on a great massage. Then you can move on to sex if both parties are into it.

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Watching porn together

Remember how I said a simple nude photo isn’t usually enough to get a woman’s rocks off? Well, moving images might be enough to do the trick. I’m talking about watching porn together. 

Role-playing and acting out each other fantasies can be great for your sex life. But watching them can be just as exciting. According to a survey conducted by Men’s Health, a third of women have sexual fantasies they’re nervous about propositioning.

One way to ease into exploring these fantasies is to watch them play out in pornography. For instance, maybe one of you gets turned on by the idea of a threesome. But if you don’t actually want that for your relationship, why not watch a video of a ménage à trois instead?

I don’t recommend suggesting the two of you watch porn together right off the bat. It’s probably better reserved for the second stage of a relationship. But once you’re there, it can be a super-hot way to spice up your love life.

Working out together

Have you heard that couples who work out together stay together? Well, couples who work out together might have more sex, too.

Exercise releases endorphins, the feel-good brain chemicals that relieve pain and feelings of stress. Also, physical activity can ignite the sympathetic nervous system, making you more sensitive to touch, and thus, sexual arousal.

But wait, there’s more! Working out makes both men and women more comfortable with their physique. When all is said and done, this can be a recipe for more time in the sack. So, sweat together to sweat more together, if you catch my drift.

Things that turn women on: the non-physical stuff

This might be a given. But if you want to turn a woman on, you have to make her desire you. Sounds simple enough, right? But to make a woman desire you, you’ve got to do more than the physical stuff.

The non-physical things that turn women on? They're all about what you say, what you do for her and how you make her feel.

Texting and sexting

Women like knowing you’re thinking about them throughout the day. So, go ahead and text her. Let her know you miss her and are thinking of her. Remember, sending her nonstop messages might have an adverse effect. But a healthy amount of texting can be a good thing for your sex life. 

As a guy, you probably love being on the receiving end of a good sext. Women can appreciate racy texts, too––as long as they’re done right. Believe it or not, I’m not talking about dick pics. Successful sexing will involve well-thought-out texts that tell her you’re into her.

If you just met this woman, you may want to stick with PG-13 texts until you know each other better. However, if she’s your main squeeze, you might benefit from telling her you’re “hard at work.”

Cooking and cleaning

Did you know cooking and cleaning can make women totally horny? I realize this sounds funny, but it’s true. If you do little things that make her life easier and more enjoyable, she’ll want to keep you around. Also, she’ll be more likely to reward you for being amazing.

Think about it. If you stay over at your girlfriend’s house, make a mess and head out before breakfast, she might feel annoyed. Or worse, used. But if you treat her space with respect and cook her a delicious meal before departing, she will feel grateful.

These are actions that will enhance her life. When you enhance a woman’s life, she’ll want you in her life. More than likely, this means having regular sex with you, the man who makes her happy.


Similar to working out together, couples that seek adrenaline together might have more sex, too. Thrilling dates and spontaneous adventures can make a person’s heart beat faster. Sometimes, this excitement can translate to sexual arousal

Not only that, but spontaneity outside the bedroom can make both men and women more spontaneous inside the bedroom. This could involve seeing a scary movie, hopping on a roller coaster or going on an impromptu road trip together.


When it comes to things that turn women on, there’s nothing quite like adulting. If you think I’m kidding, think again. Having your life together is one of the sexiest attributes in a man––it makes women weak in the knees.

This includes having a job, a savings account, a social life, a car, and hobbies outside of partying. Basically, an all-around handle on your responsibilities. Of course, each of these adult qualities will depend on your age, where you live and other factors. But broadly speaking, they are fundamental components to being desirable.

If you’re not looking to be in a serious relationship with this woman, why should it matter? Trust me, it matters––even if you’re only having casual sex.

I’m not saying you have to be rich or reach all your career aspirations to get laid. The point is more about bringing something to the table other than good looks and smooth talk. Sometimes, it’s all about chivalry, attentiveness and finding ways to enhance a woman’s life.

Master These Things That Turns A Woman On

So, now when you think of things that turn women on, you’ll have a more accurate idea of what works. Sure, women like to be touched just like men do. And yes, we can appreciate a sext once in a while. But turning us on isn’t quite that simple. When you rethink your approach, it’ll do wonders for your sex life.

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