10 Montreal Dating Sites Where You Can Actually Meet Interesting Singles

A gorgeous and diverse city like Montreal has plenty of gorgeous and diverse singles. We've compiled the most helpful Montreal dating sites so you can find love.

Living in the big city can be liberating. You’ve got great food, unbeatable nightlife, and a ton of people to meet. But it can also feel like a cage. You can get stuck in a routine of all work and no play, and then the city becomes a lonely place.

But you can change all that overnight, if you know where to start. That’s why we’re here. This is a list of Montreal dating sites that will make it easy and fun to find a date and break out of that cycle of loneliness. Go ahead, make the big city exciting again!

Montreal Dating Sites that Everyone Needs to Try

There are more people looking for love online than ever before, and more dating sites to match them. There are dating sites for every type of person; sites for the wealthy and even some free dating sites in Montreal for those who don’t want to pay a monthly premium. Read on to figure out which site is perfect for you.

Montreal’s young professionals should check out Elite Singles

As you know, Montreal is a powerhouse of business and culture in North America. That means wide-eyed, intelligent young people from all over are coming here to start their careers. If you’re into dating savvy lawyers, brilliant engineers, and other, career-minded young people then you’re in the right place.

Just make an account on Elite Singles, and you’re set.

Elite Singles has a sleek, intuitive site design and really powerful matchmaking tools. They’ve got the most interesting and intelligent membership base, too. In fact, a whole 82 percent of their female members have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Check out our full review for more on why Elite Singles is among the best dating sites in Montreal. Or, better yet, just go check out the site for yourself!

Cougar Life is the best Montreal dating site for meeting cougars

If you’re into older women, then I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to meet them. There are plenty of cougars in Montreal, but they don’t hang out at the same bars and cafés as young men. Even when you do meet an older belle femme, how do you know that she’s even into younger guys?

The best way to actually meet cougars is online, and the best Montreal Dating site is Cougar Life (which you can try for free here).

We’ve rated over 100 cougar dating sites and Cougar Life continually comes out on top. That’s because they’ve got amazing communication and matching features and, most importantly, a ton of eager, older women.

Also, this is a totally free Montreal dating site for women members. That way you know that there will be cougars online when you are.

There are women on Cougar Life right now looking for a guy to remind them what it feels like to be young. Can you help them out?

Montreal’s premium dating site for Christians is Christian Cafe

Montreal, like any other big city, can be a hard place to keep your faith. All of the distractions and temptations of modern life make it hard to prioritize church, or even a simple prayer. But, there’s one thing in life that shouldn’t get in the way of your faith: your romantic relationship.

With Christian Cafe you can find a partner who will support and even share your religious faith with you.

They’ve been helping Christian singles come together longer than almost any other Montreal dating site. In that time they’ve perfected their platform and helped bring together over 25,000 marriages!

You can read through some of Christian Cafe’s success stories on their testimonials page. If you like what you read, go ahead and sign up for their free 10-day trial membership!

BBW Cupid is the best dating site in Montreal for bigger men and women

Dating is stressful for everyone. The last thing that you need on top of that stress is the fear that you’re being judged. Thankfully, there’s a Montreal dating site that’s a judgment free zone.

It’s called BBW Cupid. This site is dedicated to beautiful, bigger women and men. It’s a place where everyone can be proud of who they are, head to toe.

They also have the standard set of quality features: matchmaking services, great communication tools, and a bunch of verified members. That means you don’t have to trade in comfort for quality. You can have a relaxing, fun, and successful online dating experience.

The best part? It’s totally free to sign up!

eHarmony is the best dating site in MTL for the over 50 crowd

50 is the new 25. No, seriously. People are living longer, healthier lives than ever before, and because of the increase in divorce rates, there are a ton of singles in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. They’re called the ‘silver singles’, and the’re having as much, or more, fun dating as they did in their 20s.

The best dating site for this crowd is called eHarmony.com.

If you’ve heard of eHarmony before, that not surprising. They’ve been in the online dating industry for almost two decades. In this long tenure they’ve really perfected their service with a stellar Compatibility Matching System. They also make sure to vet their incoming members. They only let in people who are seriously looking for romance and love, not just silly flings. So you know that with eHarmony you’ll only get matched with quality, interested singles.

Just because you are getting closer to retiring from your job, it doesn’t mean you have to retire from romance, too. With eHarmony, it’s never too late to find love.

The Montreal dating site for gays and lesbians is Match.com

There are plenty of dating sites out there that are ‘gay friendly.’ But much the time that only means that they won’t stop you from searching for members of the same gender! We all know it takes something more than that to make a real gay and lesbian dating site.

For that, you should check out Match.com.

They’ve gone above and beyond to really set the standard for gay dating sites. They also bring nearly twenty years experience to their service, with real, attentive customer care.

If you want to find real, quality gay matches in Montreal, then you should check out Match’s dedicated gay dating page. Don’t settle for less when you can use a dating site that really puts its gay and lesbian members first!

Montreal’s wealthy guys can find companionship on Arrangement Finders

If you have a lot it’s a good idea to, as they say, “share the wealth”. Those who are generous always get something in return.

You can see how this works first hand at Arrangement Finders. They’re a site dedicated to helping guys find ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ with beautiful women.

The site is full of hot, lonely ladies who are looking to spend some time with a guy. In fact, the site has such a high female to male ratio that you don’t even have to be super-rich to find someone who wants what you’ve got to offer.

Don’t waste your life of luxury by yourself. Instead, find the perfect person to share it with on Arrangement Finders!

Ashley Madison is best of the Montreal dating sites for attached people

Not all of the couples out there are as happy as they might seem. In fact, there’s a ton of infidelity going on that we don’t talk about. Why wouldn’t there be? We are creatures of desire. We aren’t here to judge you for that. In fact, we want to help you.

Ashley Madison wants to help you too. And they really know how.

Ashley Madison has been in the ‘attached’ dating business longer than pretty much any other Montreal dating site. They’ve set up a really great service including top-notch matchmaking tools and communication systems.  Oh, and they also have tons of eager, beautiful members looking for their next fling or affair.

So you don’t have to keep flirting on the sly with your co-worker or neighbor. Instead, you can just get on Ashley Madison to see if they have an account. Even if they don’t someone else nearby certainly does!

Montreal dating services for the locally minded

Being globally connected changes everything. We can start a business in another country, or chat with a friend in Vancouver instantly. It’s been revolutionary for the dating world, as we can find and meet local matches using the power of global companies.

But some people still prefer things the old fashioned way. They want to keep their business local and they might even want to do it face to face. We understand. For that, we have some Montreal area recommendations.

First of all, check out Susan Alper. She’s been helping bring people together for over 20 years and has tons of contacts to help her find the perfect romantic matches. She offers Montreal residents a personalized, stress-free matchmaking service that uses intuition, not just computer algorithms, to help you find a match. As Susan says, “we have to live it to the fullest and my goal is to do this for you, and with you.”

Absolute Bachelor Club is another option for Montreal matchmakers. This is a very upscale establishment that can help wealthy, successful people find each other for romantic connection. They have a national presence with a local Montreal office. The best of both worlds! You can read up more on their website, in both English and French-Canadian.

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