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18 Signs of Flirting from a Woman that You Might Be Missing

Is he going to miss one of the most obvious signs of flirting from a woman

To have a great dating life you must understand the signs of flirting from a woman. When it comes to making moves, women tend to be on the subtle side of the spectrum compared to men. Women learned to guard their reputations at all costs so they don’t get cast out and/or lose hope of finding a proper breadwinner for their future family. Publicly seducing a guy in the old days was a childish stunt that was largely associated with sex workers.

And the result?

Women learned that subtlety is the best way to flirt with men and show interest in them. Everything from playing with her hair to biting her lips has a psychological – and seductive - reason that can be explained by science which is why I made you this guide. Below, I collected the top 18 signs of flirting from a woman that ever existed. I divided them into three categories so you don’t feel confused, and here’s the first:

The Top Physical Signs of Flirting from a Woman

What would a woman do if she likes a guy and wants to grab his attention or flirt with him?

Women can do so many things depending on the venue, the guy, and the audience. Flirting with a coworker is much riskier and subtler than flirting with a guy in some bar or café. Yet, women are women and there are some signals and hints that persist in almost all flirting situations, including:

Lip biting

This is one of the biggest and most primal signs of flirting from a woman. As babies, we learned to bite our lips to suppress desires and emotions. This includes hunger, anger, and in this case, lust.

When a woman bites her lower lips when she sees you or when she listens to you, it can mean she wants you and is trying to suppress her lust for you. It can also mean she’s unconsciously drawing attention to the place where she wants you the most, the kissing spot aka Her lips.

Genuine, repetitive smiles

A woman who wants you to flirt with her will smile with her eyes, giggle like a baby and laugh at your boring jokes. It doesn’t take a body-language expert or a lie detector to spot a genuine smile. You can easily spot a woman’s fake smile if you pay attention to her eyes instead of her mouth. Anyone can force a smile on their face, but it’s really hard to fake those narrow eyes and the laugh lines in the corner.

The next time you meet a girl, notice when she smiles. Does it spread from ear to ear or does it make you feel like she’s half-assing it? A woman who’s genuinely interested in you will lighten up the moment she sees you and will smile with every single muscle on her face.

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Excessive or prolonged touching

A woman being super touchy

The first time I met my current girlfriend, we passionately made out under the rain on the first date.

But how did I know she was flirting with me?

We were just leaving a bar for another place when I gave her my arm as we walked on the streets of Barcelona. Rather than just holding it normally, she tucked it in and stuck it to her body. This is one of the major signs of flirting from a woman, I got the hint and kissed her a few minutes later.

When a woman excessively touches you, she’s probably flirting with you. Women don’t simply just touch anyone. They’re very socially aware and they know how one misunderstood touch can give the wrong impression or make her approached by the wrong guys, so they won’t bother doing it with you unless they want you to know they’re approachable.

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Prolonged gazes or quick glances

When I’m in a café or restaurant, I don’t stare at my phone as most guys do. I scan the hotties in the place and try to catch eyes with one of them. If she looks back, I wink, and if she smiles, I approach. That’s the power of eye contact.

If a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t look at you unless it’s necessary. She will stare at her phone, look around, talk to other people or just bite her nails while counting the seconds till you leave. On the other hand, if she likes you, she will make sure she catches your attention by making eye contact with you. This is one of women’s strongest flirting tools. If a woman likes you, she will either look you directly in the eye and lure you in or check you out from time to time to see if you’re paying attention to her.

Not objecting when you step into her personal space (and welcoming it)

If you don’t know what a personal zone is, it’s the few meters around you where you don’t feel comfortable when a stranger invades.

Women are scared as hell to let the wrong man into their personal space. This can mean theft, harassment, or sexual assaults, so they only let people in if:

  • It’s an absolute necessity (like on the train)
  • They like them

A major sign of flirting from a woman is if she feels comfortable being near you. If she likes you or wants you to approach her, she will avoid sitting in front of you and voluntarily sit next to you. She will lean forward when she speaks, her torso will be leaning towards you and if you come near her, she won’t step back or look uncomfortable. If you come near, she will feel excited, her pupils will dilate and her heart may start beating faster than usual as a sign of interest.

Fidgeting, pupil dilation, hair twirling, and showing extra skin

There are a few unconscious signs of flirting from a woman that may show up unintentionally and despite her will. This includes:

  • Pupil dilation: When a woman likes you, her eyebrows will rise and her eyes will expand a little so she can see more of you
  • Hair twirling: When a woman plays with her hair or pulls it behind her ears, it’s an unconscious indication she wants you to see her whole face rather than half of it. Of course, women do this all the time, but if she keeps doing it around you, she’s probably flirting with you.
  • Playing with her necklace: Similar to the previous one. She wants your attention on her neck area
  • Wearing red or pink: Some studies suggest that if a woman wears red to a date – especially a second date – then she’s either ovulating or she’s excited to see you. Either way, it’s a good sign she may accept your moves.

Signs a Woman is Flirting Online

Sending her crush emojis

Flirting has slightly changed in the online dating era. Women found a much safer space to show affection and flirt with guys even without doing anything physical. As someone interested in dating the best, and most beautiful women, you must read the flirting signs from women you see online. Otherwise, you will waste so many opportunities with hot girls you would have dated if you opened your eyes a bit wider and paid attention to the little things. We already have a detailed guide on flirting via text you can read it here. But for now, pay attention to the ones below.

She asks you what you’re doing this weekend

A girl who wants you to flirt will try to plan a meetup with you either subtly or bluntly. She may straightforwardly ask you out or say something like “Where are you taking me this week” or ask about your weekend plans and see if you can get the hint. Either way, there are very few situations when a girl will bring up this topic without wanting to go out with you.

She sends so many emojis

Half the word emoji comes from emotions. When a woman doesn’t like a guy, she will often ignore his messages or answer abruptly. A woman, however, expresses her excitement with a ton of emojis. She knows it’s a bit silly, but who cares. When I’m analyzing a student’s Tinder chats and I see too many emojis from the girl – along with some other signs – I immediately tell him to ask her out. She sent those emojis for a reason, and she wants him to take the hint and flirt with her.

She is always the first to comment/like your new photos and posts

Women are the real stalkers. If she likes you, she will monitor your online existence and keep track of everything you do on social media. She will follow you everywhere, even on non-social platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud just because she wants to learn more about you, and she will pay attention to everything you write or post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She will be the first to like and comment on your photos as well and she will pop up in your DM every now and then just to talk about random stuff that she thinks might excite you.

Texting quickly

Have you ever received a message from a woman as soon as you texted her?

It can be a coincidence and she might’ve been online by chance. But if it happens frequently, then this woman has an interest in you and wants you to reciprocate her attention by flirting with her.

Also, you may notice that she makes a lot of typos when texting you. It’s not that her English is poor, but she’s just so excited about texting you that she misspells some words.

Double and triple texting

As I said earlier, a woman who doesn’t like you will be very stingy with her texts. She might reply using single words or meaningless emojis just to cut you off. A woman who likes you, however, will send blocks of texts. She will double, triple text you – or even send five or six texts in a row – to show you how engaged she is in the conversation. This is one of the best, and yet, underappreciated signs of flirting from a woman, especially when combined with emojis and quick replies.

Always initiating conversations

She’s always the first to check up on you and she complains if you’re too busy or if you don’t text her unless she texts first. This is one of the best, and yet, underappreciated signs of flirting from a woman, especially when combined with emojis and quick replies. Women get crazy around the right guy and this one is a subtle cry for your attention.

She gets upset when you don’t text her quickly (or when you’re online and don’t talk to her)

Again, women are mega stalkers, and they know it when you’re online and you don’t text them. This is another BIG sign of flirting from a woman.

She sends you morning texts

A girl who modestly likes you will text you when she’s bored or alone or when she needs a favor. A girl who constantly texts you first thing in the morning, however, is someone who thinks about you and wants to flirt with you.

Obvious Flirting Signs that Men Always Miss

Wearing perfume before meeting her crush

Now that you’ve read the top flirting signs from a woman both physically and online, here are four more signs that men often ignore. They aren’t flirting per se, but spotting some, or all of them will help you decide whether a woman actually likes you or not:

She’s not dismissive when you check her out

When a woman doesn’t have “go to hell” written all over her face when she sees you checking her out but responds with a welcoming smile instead, then it’s as good as if she’s flirting with you. Men check women out all the time, and both parties know it, but women only respond to the ones they like and dismiss the rest.

If a guy who meets a woman’s standards pays attention to her, she may play hard to get at first glance, but she’ll eventually play along so she doesn’t lose him. This will always happen when you begin to take good care of yourself by exercising and dressing nicely. The types of women who used to dismiss your attempts before will open up like babies when they make eye contact with you. It’s a nice kick in the ego, but you must take action if you’re interested in the girl.


Compliance may not be one of the biggest female flirting signs, but the lack of it means she isn’t that much into you. A woman who likes and respects a guy will follow his lead without much resistance. It doesn’t matter if she’s feisty like a fireball or calls herself Alpha Babe, women love to surrender to a dominant guy. There are small things you can do to see if she complies with you or not, especially with a woman you’re dating including:

  • Going to a certain place with you without much haggling
  • Moving or carrying something for you like handing you a napkin or carrying your bag or keys
  • Holding your hands as you walk on the street or hugging you when you motion to her

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She wants to know everything about you

If a woman cares enough to ask many personal questions, then she’s probably into you or sizing you as a potential partner. Women don’t care for the wrong guy. Women will only care for you only if they want something from you or if they think you’re a potential suitor of any kind (boyfriend, husband, orbiter…etc). If she seems interested in what you do and remembers even the smallest details about your life – like your dog’s name or your mama’s birthday – then she’s probably worth the shot.

She takes extra care of herself around you

If a girl is developing a crush on you, she will begin to treat you differently than other guys. She will try to grab your attention by wearing sexy perfumes, doing her makeup and hair, dressing up to the nines, and maybe wearing something revealing or extra tight to awaken the giant within you. If any of this happens, especially at work or in school, then take it as a sign of flirting from her and choose your next move.

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