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10 Signs A Girl Is Flirting Through Text To Look Out For


Back in the old days, if a fella liked a gal, he might give her a flirting card to see if she wanted to dance and wouldn't to look for signs a girl is flirting through text.

(It's how the expression "my dance card is full" came into popularity.)

The young lady would either decline politely or she'd agree and that's how your parents came to be.

Today, we're trading texts like never before.

And they're anything but simple-- each has its own coded language and subtext.

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Signs A Girl Is Flirting Through Text To Watch For

Look out for these signs and don't be afraid to make a move.


Have you downloaded the emoji keyboard app on your phone?

Do it.

I can't explain why, but it's girl text crack.

This is one of the best signs that a girl is flirting with you through text.

This is also a great sign she likes you if you are texting.

If you have not tried dating online don't forget to check out our yearly review of the highest rated sites for dating older women.

While some are obvious symbols (hearts, emoting faces, a lipstick print), there are plenty that serve no discernible purpose, like a fax machine or a syringe filled with blood.

Don't try to decipher them like they're hieroglyphs; there isn't really a strict code to them. Just use them however you'd like and don't worry about making sense. This will certainly help your crush notice you

Except for the eggplant and the peach.

They unanimously represent… well, what do you think?

“What are you up to?”

There's only one wrong answer to this question and that's "nothing."

Men often misinterpret this text as, "I would like to see you right now, what is keeping you busy?"

While she might be feeling it out to see if you want to do something spontaneous, there's a very good chance she just wants to initiate a text exchange with you and is seeing if you're free.

"Nothing" is the worst answer because it leaves her with no jumping off point.

And let's be honest, you're never doing nothing.

If you're zoning out in front of the TV, scrolling through Facebook, or just trying to figure out what to do with your night, tell her! And never be afraid of looking busy-- a guy who knows how to structure his time is way more attractive to women. 

New course

“What does your weekend look like?”

This is one of the better signs a girl is flirting through text and that she does actually want to see you.

She's giving you enough space to bow out if your schedule simply doesn't allow it, but she's letting you know that if you're available, she's prepared to make time for you.

Be prepared though: while it is perfectly acceptable to not be able to accommodate her this weekend (family in town, work responsibilities, etc.), the onus is now on you to reschedule.

If you must decline, be sure to follow-up with concrete plans if you're interested.

For example: "This weekend is rough: it's my mom's birthday, so I'll be out of town.

But there's a great Italian place I've been meaning to check out.

Wanna meet up after work or lock it down for next weekend?"

Morning texts are one of the best signs a girl is flirting through text

A simple "good morning" is one of the best signs a girl is flirting through text.

A morning text says, "play your cards right and maybe I'll be there in the morning in real life."

A girl who texts you in the morning is saying that she isn't just thinking of you because it's late and she's lonely.

She's thinking of you as she gets ready for work.

She's telling you that she's looking at you as a potential for a relationship. And if you want you can tell her that you like her over text

Following up from your in-person conversations

When you last texted the girl you like, did she recommend a great lunch spot to you?

Or did you mention a secret love for deep-sea diving videos?

This is a good sign that a girl is flirting with you through text.

If a girl follows up a text based on your last conversation, it's a very good sign that a girl likes you.

She's telling you that she's been remembering your conversation and is taking an active interest in getting to know you. 

Sending follow-ups from times you've spent together

If you've already seen her in person, did she text that night to say she got home safely or the next day to tell you that she had a good time?

The old "wait three days" rule is old-fashioned-- today it's about quick, effective communication. But even if she's playing it coy, you should get a text within three or four days tops if she really likes you.

This is especially true if an older woman is flirting with you through text. They're usually much more straightforward and they want to keep in touch.

Replying to your messages quickly

Is your text conversation more like an actual face-to-face conversation or more like an email chain?

Make sure you're texting her at times when you could reasonably assume she's free to text back and forth with you. This is a good way to get her to like you when you're texting.

After work or during the lunch break lull is a good time to put feelers out for this one.

(But on the flip side, don't take it personally if she doesn't text back right away-- she might be in traffic, out with friends, on the other line, or a million other things besides choosing to ignore you.)


In just three letters, this text opens up a Pandora's box of questions.

When a girl gets a "sup" text, it's usually in the context of a 2am booty call.

By using it to text you, she might be poking fun at the tradition-- if this is the case, you're probably dealing with a smart girl.

But if it truly is a 2am text, she might have something other than a relationship in mind.

Hey, if you're both consenting adults, go for it. Lots of great couples have started this way.

Texting selfies

A selfie is nearly always a way for a girl to show you that she likes you.

It's a subliminal "wish you were here" message and she's making sure she looks good.

Even if it's a goofy selfie, she's making sure you have something to think about.

How should you respond?

Don't immediately take it as a green-light for a raunchy text exchange.

Tell her she looks good, but always err on the side of caution if you're going to be sexualizing her: if she's going for "pretty" and you launch into X-rated missives, you're going to make her feel self-conscious.

Stay flirty, but go slow.

Feel free to text your own selfie back. This is a great way to make her feel special.

This should go without saying, but never, ever text a girl a picture of your penis unsolicited.

If she wants to see it, she'll ask.

If she's taking time out of her day to text you, you're already doing something right

No matter what, this bodes well for you.

Whatever other signs a girl likes you through text, it bodes well that she's thinking of you enough to stay in contact this way.

Texting is a great way to stay in touch and let you know that she's thinking of you in between the times when you actually see each other face to face.


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