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2024's Best Dating Apps for Men According to Dating Experts

Best dating apps for men

You might be thinking, “Aren’t all dating apps for men?” Certainly, most sites and apps are created for men and women to match. But some apps are designed with women in mind, and other apps just don’t work that well for regular guys. There are literally thousands of dating apps out there. Yet, only a few qualify as the best dating apps for men.

If online dating has become a chore for you, odds are you’ve just been using the wrong apps and sites. It’s a common problem. There are so many options, just trying each one out can feel like a full-time job. That’s why we take the time to test out apps and give them proper reviews. We want you to succeed as much as you want you to succeed.

So guys, keep reading to learn about the dating apps and sites that will work for you.

How we ranked the best dating apps for men
Reviewing the various sites and apps takes time. We’ve been doing it for a while so that we can offer you the most relevant insights and facts. Our process involves testing both the free and paid versions, communicating with users on a site, and going on dates. We can then compare that site to the dozens (hundreds, even) of other sites and apps we’ve tried.

In the process, we’re looking for a few key factors. In researching the best dating sites for men, naturally, the main factor is the quality of women. It’s not just about numbers (though that’s important too), it’s about meeting high-quality women. We also look at a site’s usability, effectiveness in arranging matches, and price value.

With all that in mind, these are the best dating apps for men right now.

The Top Two Dating Apps for Men Right Now

Dating apps generally fall into two categories: apps for relationships and apps for casual flings. Some men want one or the other, some want both. Here are the apps and sites that work best for guys, whatever you’re looking for.

Try Coffee Meets Bagel to meet the right woman

Coffee Meets Bagel on Android

So much of online dating feels geared toward people without attention spans, it’s nice to find an app with focus. That’s Coffee Meets Bagel, an app that claims 90% of its users are looking for a serious relationship. Instead of treating dating like a faucet of new possibilities, CMB encourages longevity. For guys ready to meet a lasting partner, this is a great app.

In addition to having a userbase that’s interested in long-term relationships, CMB helps facilitate communication. There are helpful icebreaker prompts and in-depth profiles so you’re not just swiping in the dark. There’s another reason this is one of the best dating apps for men: the women-to-men ratio highly favors guys. Give it a try, we think you’ll love it.

Try AFF for uncomplicated relationships (try it free here)


On the other end of the spectrum, we have AFF. Not everyone is looking for a serious relationship, and that’s totally fine. In fact, most of the first dating sites – including AFF – were all about casual encounters. Nearly three decades into its existence, AFF remains one of the best sites for uncomplicated relationships.

We especially like AFF because its userbases are among the most diverse and open we’ve come across. There are apps for young people, or for rich people, and even just for hot people. AFF is for everyone. This is why we feel comfortable saying it’s among the best dating sites for men who want something simple.

The Other Best Dating Sites for Men Worth Considering

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, a casual fling, or something in between, here are a few more dating apps and sites that you can try out to improve your dating life.


Bumble features Android

Bumble’s gimmick is that the woman has to send the first message. Some dudes find the waiting annoying and move on to other apps. For other guys, the shy ones or those who suck at icebreakers, letting the women write first is ideal. So, even though Bumble was created with women in mind, it’s actually one of the best dating apps for men.

We like Bumble because it’s relatively easy to use (it follows the swipe model), but the userbase is still serious. It’s actually possible to match with someone who wants a real relationship. That said, it still draws in quite a few casual users. So, you do need to be upfront about what you want.


Tinder on Android

Tinder isn’t perfect. It’s pretty much geared exclusively toward people in their mid-20s and younger. And if you aren’t a ridiculously good-looking guy, you might find yourself swiping until you develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

With all of those caveats out of the way, we still have to recommend Tinder. Men who are in good shape and relatively young absolutely clean up on Tinder. And the girls that are on this app will literally make your jaw drop. For men looking to pull with perfect 10s, Tinder is the app for you.

The League

The League features

The League is like a fancy club full of hotties: it’s one of the most exclusive dating apps out there. How exclusive? There’s literally a waiting list and they reject nearly 80% of people who sign up. So, no, this isn’t an app for every guy.

What that means, though, is, that if you do get accepted, your odds are pretty great. For men who are successful and financially secure, The League offers a bevy of beautiful, interesting women. You’ll find one of the most attractive userbases of any dating app for men. Assuming, of course, you get past the doorman.

The Most Important Considerations when Choosing a Good Dating App for Men

We think most men will be happy with their results using any of the above apps or sites. But, individually, there are always specific factors that come into play when picking the best dating app for men. Here’s some for you to consider:

Do you want a relationship or a casual fling?

We discussed this a bit, up above, but this really is a major factor. You wouldn’t buy a push lawnmower to mow a five-acre lawn or a Tesla to go off-roading. Which is to say, just because something works for some situations doesn’t mean it works for all situations. Know what you’re looking for and pick the app or site that can best deliver.

How important are looks in a partner?

If you’re only willing to date supermodels, that’s your prerogative. We’ll just say, you’re going to narrow your dating pool a great deal. Which is totally fine, especially if you yourself are a good-looking guy. Just know, that if sexiness is the most important quality in a partner, not every app or site is for you. Seek out the ones for “elite” clientele.

How much are you willing to pay for a dating site?

This is an especially important factor if you’re on the search for the love of your life. There are plenty of free dating sites, but most of their users aren’t all that serious. If you’re ready to settle down with someone and pop the question, a paid subscription is the way to go. But do your research first because price points vary widely.

How much time do you have to commit?

Dating can be a time-intensive process, regardless of whether you’re looking for marriage or a one-night stand. There’s creating a profile, filling out questionnaires, and chatting online with matches. Some apps streamline the process. Others encourage users to go slowly. If your schedule is packed, don’t sign up for a site that demands a major time commitment.

5 Key Tips to Get Great Results Using Dating Apps for Men and Meeting Women

Tip #1 Create a great profile

Regardless of which app or site you use, your profile matters. You might think you can just upload a picture and be done with it, but you’d be wrong. Girls actually care about what’s in your profile. Take the time to write a great online dating profile and you’ll get much better results. Also, be selective with your profile picture.

Tip #2 Charm her straight out the gate

Whether you’re meeting a girl on an app or in person, charm is the ultimate skeleton key. Good looks, a lot of money, and status; are great, but not essential. Having a charming personality (with a sense of humor) is the most important factor. Don’t fret if you struggle in this department. Even shy guys can learn how to attract women.

Tip #3 Be an interesting conversationalist

In-person or online, once you’ve made the initial connection, the next step is keeping her interest. Too many guys think they have to impress a woman to get a date. Not at all. All women would rather go out with someone who can hold an interesting conversation than someone who is constantly bragging.

Tip #4 Have a great first date

They say first impressions are everything, and that’s pretty much true when it comes to dating. No, making a mistake on your first date doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never see a girl again. But don’t handicap yourself. Dress well for the date and look put together. Even more important, make sure you have something fun planned for the date.

Tip #5 Get the second date

You’ve had a nice date; she seems to have enjoyed herself. Maybe you even got a kiss goodnight (or more). That doesn’t mean a second date is in the bag. There’s a fine art to asking for a second date; you should learn it. Just be careful that you don’t rush it or take too long. There’s a finite window for getting the second date, and you don’t want to miss it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dating Apps for Men

We hope this article has helped you choose the right dating app for you. If you’re still uncertain, though, here are answers to the most common questions about dating apps and sites for men.

What are dating apps for men?

Dating apps for men are those that get the best results for male users, whatever they’re looking for.

Are dating apps and sites for men legit?

With so many apps out there, we can’t vouch for every single one. Check out our fuller reviews to see which ones we think are legit.

Are dating apps and sites for men safe?

Sure, most are. Just be smart with how much information you provide, and never send money to a stranger online.

What are alternatives to dating sites for men?

There are tons of apps out there for every taste and preference. These are just some of our favorite dating apps and sites.

How do dating apps for men work?

There are apps like Grindr that are specifically for gay men. Otherwise, dating apps for men work just like all dating apps.

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