How to Make a Move on an Older Woman Without Screwing Up

Learning how to make a move on an older woman is criticalIf you’re a man interested in dating older women, you must know how to make a move on an older woman correctly.

It’s not that you shouldn’t ever make mistakes, since they usually teach valuable learning lessons.

But it’s clearly better to get it right the first time whenever you can.

Let’s talk about what you should be doing to ensure success and the main mistakes you should avoid when making a move on an older woman.

How to Make a Move on an Older Woman

Attracting older women is not as difficult as you may think.

Back when you were a teenager, you might have felt that attracting girls that were older than you then was close to impossible.

But as you grew older, you likely discovered that you made it seem a lot more difficult than it really is.

The same principle applies to dating older women.

These are principles that work wherever you meet a woman be it on the street or online.

It surprises some guys when we say that but as long as you are using high quality dating sites to meet women these principles will apply.

If you have not given it a chance yet check out our review of the best dating sites for older women.

Even if you’re relatively inexperienced, trust us when we tell you that you’re likely overestimating how challenging it is to make a move on older women.

In reality, older women tend to be more straightforward than younger women in this respect.

They play fewer games than younger girls that are still inexperienced when it comes to dating.

In short, the first step in learning how to make a move on an older woman is to adopt a more realistic perspective.

Assuming that she’s interested in you, an older woman will rarely throw curveballs at you.

Knowing this, when you eventually make a move on her you’re much more likely to succeed.

Gauge her interest when learning how to make a move on an older woman

If you’re to make a move on her successfully, she must be interested in you – or at the very least curious about you.

That’s why it’s crucial to gauge her interest levels.

Making a move on her with limited knowledge regarding her interest in you is wishful thinking at best.

Since it’s in your best interest to maximize your success while minimizing your errors, you should feel her out as best as you can before making a move.

Before asking her out, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I catch her looking at me regularly?
  • Does she tease or joke around with me, or listen attentively when I speak to her?
  • Does she flirt with me?
  • Does she ask me personal questions? (Online dating)
  • Does she start or continue conversations with me? (Online dating)

As you can see, gauging her interest depends on the situations that you interact with her.

In addition, older women are generally more forward and direct with their intentions, so it’s possible that a woman you’re interested in will give you a clear sign that she’s into you.

In that case, hesitation is your worst enemy – it’s time to make your move.

Making a Move During a Date

How to make a move on an older woman during a date is without a doubt a frequently asked question.

Many guys worry about misinterpreting her signals, making a good impression, or making a mistake.

If you’re on a date with her, you’ve already done 80% of the work.

It’s clear that she likes you, or is highly curious about you if she made time to hang out with you.

If you’re nervous – that’s okay.

Odds are, she’s more nervous than you.

These are all positive signs, because if there’s no chemistry between you, you’ll feel apathetic instead.

If there’s mutual tension, it’s a sign that you’re likely to be successful when you make a move on her during your date.

As for the move itself, whether it’s a kiss or a warm embrace, you’ll want to build up to it at a pace that is mutually comfortable.

If she doesn’t shy away from your touch, it’s a sign that you can proceed.

The best way to gauge her receptiveness to you on a date is when you first meet.

Always go for a cheek kiss, even if it’s the first time you meet each other.

And when you do, pull her in softly by the waist for a brief moment.

This is a great way to establish a warm precedent for your date.

Throughout the course of your date, gradually narrow the gap between you.

Older women respect a man who leads in this manner on a date.

Rest assured, she will make things easier for you if you take charge.

When you feel the moment is right, make your move.

Mistakes to Avoid

Every event, whether good or bad, should be seen as a learning experience.

We encourage you to get out there and experiment with a variety of approaches and techniques so that you can refine your dating skills.

You can learn by reading, but the best way to learn is by doing.

With that said, there are some main mistakes that you should know about.

You may be familiar with them, or even guilty of making some of them in the past.

In any case, here’s a shortlist of the main mistakes to avoid when making a move on an older woman.

Don’t make a move too soon

There’s no need to rush the process.

Take your time in building up the comfort on a date, or getting to know her better before asking her out.

While you shouldn’t take too long, trying to move too quickly is risky, and needlessly increases your chances of making a mistake.

Don’t be upset if she denies you the first time

If you’re going for a kiss and she gives you the cheek, don’t be upset.

Many times, what she’s really telling you is “not just yet.”

Women value charm and persistence in men, so if she turns you down when you make a move, it could be her way of testing you.

Smile, act unfazed, and try again in a few minutes.

Don’t wait for her to make a move

This is a mistake the majority of men have made at some point in their lives.

It’s true that older women will sometimes make a move on you.

But you shouldn’t expect it to happen.

Waiting for her to make a move in most cases leads to a wasted opportunity.

In Summary

When learning how to make a move on an older woman, the best you can do is get out there and practice.

The more you practice, the more you’ll succeed, and the better your responses will be.

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