How To Have Discreet Sex: 10 Tips For Keeping Passion Under Wraps

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If it's good, sex is passionate and invigorating. While a noisy romp in the hay can feel great, sometimes discretion is called for. Maybe you're stuck in a crowded house filled with family members over the holidays. Or you have to navigate around a nosy roommate. There are bound to be times when you have to keep your sexual encounters on the down-low. So how do you have discreet sex with a woman you're interested in?

Is it possible to get it on with getting the whole household out of bed? The good news is that quiet sex can actually be kind of fun. When you're forced to be discreet, sex becomes more intimate. Better yet, it can even be incredibly rewarding.

10 Tips On How To Have Discreet Sex (That'll Blow Your Mind)

Worried about the sound of a squeaking bed frame giving you away? Or maybe you or your partner—or both—are generally vocal about expressing your passion. Whatever the reason, sometimes it's important to have discreet sex. If you need to keep a lid on your lovin', here are 10 tips to keep in mind.

1. Turn discreet sex into a naughty game

Discreet sex doesn't have to be boring sex. The need for quiet is the perfect opportunity to explore the more erotic side of intimacy.

The next time you need to keep things quiet, use tools and toys to muffle your partner's moans and cries. You can use a ball gag, a strip of tape, or a scarf or bandana. In a pinch, you can even use your hand.

Turn up the heat by promising your partner some kinky retribution for every whimper or sigh. If they let a sound escape, you can deliver their "punishment" later on. You can even save it for when you're in an environment that lets you be as loud as you wish.

Obviously, you should always make sure your partner is on board with naughty play. Make sure you both understand the rules. You should also agree on a safe word in case either of you needs to stop the game for any reason.

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2. Have discreet sex by choosing a quiet bed

Just about everyone has experienced sex in a squeaky bed. If you haven't, chances are you've heard someone else enjoying themselves in one. The rhythm of sex is pretty unmistakable. Anyone within earshot can usually tell right away what's happening in the other room.

If you need to stay quiet during sex, opt for a bed that doesn't advertise what you're doing. If possible, choose a mattress without inner springs; these can cause quite a racket—especially if the mattress is older. Instead, go for a memory foam mattress or one that features a pillow top.

No bed? No problem. You don't necessarily need one to enjoy discreet sex. If you can't find a quiet place to get your freak on, try doing it against a wall. Or on another piece of furniture, such as a sofa or chair. You can even throw a few blankets and pillows on the floor and enjoy as much discreet sex as you desire.

3. Enjoy discreet sex in the shower

The shower is the perfect spot for a bout of discreet sex. Pounding water and a bathroom ventilation fan can muffle any telltale sounds. As a bonus, you and your partner can enjoy soaping each other up—and then getting down and dirty.

Keep in mind, however, that shower sex can pose various challenges. Slippery surfaces can be hazardous when you're trying to position yourself for sex. To reduce the risk of a fall, have your girl brace her back against the shower wall. If the shower has a stable shelf, she can brace one foot on it to give you easy access.

Another position to try? Have her face the shower wall and put both hands on the wall for stability while you enter from behind.

Also, remember that shower sex doesn't require penetration to be satisfying. Oral sex and other types of play can be fun and rewarding. video course

4. Get a white noise machine to make the most of discreet sex

Got a roommate and paper-thin walls? A simple white noise machine could be the answer to your problems. There are many affordable, effective models on the market. As a bonus, white noise has been shown to help people get more restful sleep.

If you're traveling and can't bring your machine, you can also try a white noise app. There are several free apps that let you pick from a broad selection of soothing sounds. While old-fashioned white noise is a common choice, you'll also get plenty of romantic options, like ocean waves and thunderstorms.

5. Ramp up the kissing

Shouting during sex can be a great way to show your partner just how much you're enjoying yourself. When you need to be discreet, however, getting mouthy can get you into trouble.

This is where kissing can help you stay quieter—and bring you and your partner closer together. Maintain as much contact as possible, and don't be afraid to vary it up. Start with some sensual nipples and playful bites, then go deeper with a passionate french kiss. When it's time for the big O, use your mouth to absorb any screams or moans.

6. Keep a pillow handy

Pillows aren't just for sleeping or slumber party pillow fights. You can use a pillow to muffle the sound of your pleasure when you need to have discreet sex. Smaller, decorative pillows tend to work best, since they're easy to grab and maneuver.

7. Make eye contact the whole time

How often do you stare into your lover's eyes? If you're like most people, the answer is probably less often than you realize.

Multiple studies have shown that the closer you get to a person, the less likely you are to make eye contact. Researchers theorize that people who care deeply about each other avoid staring into a loved one's eyes. Not because they don't care, but because they don't want someone they care about to feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

However, research also shows that looking into someone's eyes increases intimacy. When two people make prolonged eye contact, their brains produce the "love chemical" oxytocin. This feel-good chemical increases the affection people feel toward each other.

Eye contact can be tough to pull off, but the benefits are undeniable. When you need to be discreet during sex, trying holding eye contact with your partner as long as you can. This can make sex a quieter, more powerful experience.

8. Position yourself for discreet sex

When it comes to discreet sex, some positions are better—and quieter—than others. For example, spooning your girl lets you enter her from behind. It also doesn't require much thrusting, which can help you keep bed squeaks to a minimum.

If you want to try something a little more risqué, you can ask your girl to try 69 on for size. This keeps both of your mouths busy while delivering mind-blowing pleasure. It also can avoid the thrusting required for vaginal penetration, which can get noisy in a hurry.

9. Slow things down when you want to have discreet sex

Good discreet sex can be unbelievably passionate—and slowing the process down can make it even more so.

Instead of rushing forward to the big finish, focus on pleasuring and arousing her. Women love to feel cherished, And a quiet seduction can be exactly the type of foreplay they need to feel completely satisfied in bed.

Keep your moves sensual and slow. You might even want to start with a slow, sexy massage to kick things off. From there, force yourself to stick to a steady, sedate pace. This will heighten her arousal and make sex more enjoyable for both of you.

10. Try unconventional spaces for great discreet sex

In some cases, discreet sex requires a little creative thinking. If you don't have a quiet bedroom with a squeak-free bed handy? You might need to take your show on the road.

Look for spots in the house or apartment where people rarely venture. This could be a laundry room, tiny half-bath, or a neglected closet. These areas might be a tight fit. But sneaking off and getting it on can make you feel like you're doing something forbidden. Which is a major turn-on for a lot of people.

Discreet Sex Can Be Rewarding

Discreet sex might be challenging, but that's part of the appeal. You choose to turn your quiet time into a naughty game or you pop into the panty for a secret quickie. Whatever your choice, discreet sex can leave you satisfied - and craving another quiet encounter as soon as possible.


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