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Woman with a man who knows where to go on a date
Dating Tips
Where To Go On A Date With A Woman (8 Places That Always Work)

You should want your dates to be memorable. One of the best ways to do that is knowing...

Woman who has a man low key flirting with her
Dating Tips
How To Lowkey Flirt Over Text And How Often You Should Text Her (Solid)

Lowkey flirting is all about plausible deniability. Maybe you’re into someone you work with or perhaps it’s someone...

Smiling woman who feels special
Dating Tips
How To Make Her Feel Special Through Text (8 Ways You Can Do It)

Everybody deserves to feel special and appreciated. Anyone that can make us feel that way is going to...

Woman asking "how was your day"
Dating Tips
How To Answer A ‘How Was Your Day’ Text From Women (Guide For Men)

If you’ve been dating anytime recently, you’ve had to deal with texting back and forth. One of the...

Woman who stopped responding to texts
Dating Tips
7 Things To Text A Girl Who Stopped Responding To Get Her Attention

If a girl goes cold and stops responding, it’s often a bad sign but don’t go dropping her...

Dating Tips
How To Make A Girl Laugh And Get Her Interested The Right Way

Let’s talk about how to make a girl laugh so she has a great time and becomes more...

Woman who doesn't like you
Dating Tips
Figuring Out Why Girls Don't Like You And How To Fix It

If you’re one of the many guys who want to figure out why girls don’t like you, then...

How to get women chasing you like this
Dating Tips
How To Get A Girl To Chase You (Let Her Do All The Work For A Change)

If you want to have women vying for your attention, it’s crucial to learn how to get a...

What it looks like when you text a woman correctly
Dating Tips
What To Text A Girl After Getting Her Number For The First Time

Whether you got her number on a night out or through a dating app, you’re going to have...

First messages can be difficult, especially on apps where you don't have other chances. We've got you covered on what to say on Tinder in your first message though so you get a reply back.
Dating Tips
What To Say On Tinder In Your First Message And How To Reply

As a man in the world of Tinder, starting the conversation is usually up to you. Just like...

A woman looking at a text after hooking up
Dating Tips
What To Text A Girl After Hooking Up With Her To Keep It Going

Knowing what to text a girl after hooking up with her can feel so difficult. With a sea...

Dating Tips
How To Reply To A Canceled Date Text And Move Forward

You have a date set up and you’ve been looking forward to it for days. You build your...

Blonde cougar in LA looking at the sun
Dating Tips
The 15 Best Places To Meet Beautiful Cougars In Los Angeles For 2019

Los Angeles is the city where dreams come true. The weather is seemingly perfect all-year-round, you’re surrounded by...

Learn the best techniques for how to talk to a woman at a bar without screwing it up
Dating Tips
How To Talk To Girls At Bars And Get Them Interested In You Every Time

The generally accepted wisdom on bars and clubs is they are the ideal place to pick up women....

Learning how to approach a woman on Facebook isn't hard. Read our expert advice.
Dating Tips
How To Meet Girls On Facebook With Ease And Actually Meet Up

Whether you're in a club, using one of our recommend dating sites, or on social media, flirting effectively...

Get your caffeine fix and learn how to start a conversation with women at a coffee shop
Dating Tips
How To Effortlessly Start A Conversation In Coffee Shops With Hot Women

When it comes to flirting and making new contacts with women, the coffee shop can be just as...

Learn what to say in a text message that will get her attention
Dating Tips
What To Say To Start A Conversation Over Text With Attractive Women

Just a few years ago, a phone number meant a phone call. But these days, when you ask...

You can meet a cougar at a grocery store like this
Dating Tips
Our 8 Proven Places To Quickly And Easily Meet A Cougar In 2019

No matter what city you live in there are going to be spots where being able to meet...

The best ways to stop feeling insecure and start having confidence with women
Dating Tips
How To Not Be Insecure With Women And Build Your Confidence

Do you lack confidence and wonder how to not be insecure? Do women seem terrifying to you? Perhaps, when...

Learn how alpha males show love the right way, without yelling, manipulation, or selfishness.
Dating Tips
How Alpha Males Show Love And Treat Their Girlfriends The Right Way

How you deal with love is the easiest way to determine just what kind of man you are....

Man learning how to flirt with a woman
Dating Tips
How To Flirt With A Woman And Spark Attraction Every Time

  Today I’ll talk about how to flirt with women and what real flirting is all about. I'll...

Knowing How To Be Manly requires taking risks
Dating Tips
How To Be More Manly: A Guide To Becoming A True Man

Think of any manly guy you know. What is that makes him so masculine? Is it his appearance,...

How to talk to chicks on Facebook and get them interested in you
Dating Tips
How To Talk To Girls On Facebook And Get Them Interested In You Now

In many ways, Facebook has taken the place of clubs and bars — when it comes to picking...

The Hookup spots in Philadelphia worth your time
Dating Tips
9 Proven Spots For Philadelphia Hookups in 2019 (What Worked For Us)

Finding the best place for a Philadelphia hookup can be quite a challenge without a little guidance. There...

Knowing what girls like to talk about is half the battle. Learn how to hold a conversation with a women.
Dating Tips
What Girls Like To Talk About That Guys Need To Know (But Don't)

One of the big themes in dating, even before you get to the dating stage, is knowing what...